The Diplomat, it’s official: Netflix renews the TV series with Keri Russell for the second season

The Diplomat 2 will be there

What do we know about the future of the TV series The Diplomat , Will the Political Thriller Return for a Season 2? This is surely the question that many are asking themselves after having done binge watching of the series starring Keri Russell e Rufus Sewell in the role of two diplomats very dynamic and ready to restore order.

They are the protagonists of this thriller politico increasingly intense and full of twists in which both try to make their way in the midst of an international crisis while trying, at the same time, to re-establish the marriage relationship that unites them.

Will we see them return in new episodes? On Monday, May 2, Netflix breaks the delay and announces new episodes for the TV series that debuted on the platform on April 20, debuting in first place in Netflix’s weekly Top 10. In its first weekend, the series had 57.48 million hours of viewing and appeared in the Top 10 in 86 countries. “Fans around the world are loving every minute of this gripping series and enjoying the powerful performance of Keri Russell as Kate Wyler. After the shocking open finale, we can’t wait for them to see what the incredible visionary team of Debora Cahn, Janice Williams and Keri Russell have in store for Season 2said Jinny Howe, Vice President of Drama Series at Netflix,

When does The Diplomat 2 come out?

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Now that the renewal of the series has been made official, let’s assume we are witnessing the return of The Diplomat 2 during 2024. Looking at the previous season, in fact, the start of the project dates back to January 2022, while Netflix confirmed that Keri Russell would have been part of the main cast of the series in February of the same year. To really know all the dynamics on the future of the project, we just have to wait for further communications from Netflix.

The Diplomat 2 preview

Ato Essandoh And Keri Russell In A Scene From
Ato Essandoh And Keri Russell In A Scene From “The Diplomat”. Credits: Alex BaileyNetflix

What will season 2 be about The Diplomat ? Surely we would find new challenges for the unstoppable ambassador Kate Wyler, played by Keri Russell who, together with her husband Hal, will strive to keep their international and personal alliances intact without killing each other. As the series demonstrates, it’s hard to keep a relationship alive, be it a marriage or a military alliance: everyone changes, the world changes, yet we want these relationships to continue forever. Will an affair with a political star lead Kate to defeat? Will Kate be able to cope with the international crisis affecting the world? The answer may come in the highly anticipated second season.

“I am thrilled to return for another series of this intelligent and compelling show. Dare I say it’s funny? Thanks to Netflix for giving us another chance”said Keri Russell, executive producer and interpreter of Kate Wyler in the series. “We had a great time making it The Diplomat, and it’s a thrill to see how much people are having fun. We are so happy to be able to do it again!” said Debora Cahn, creator, showrunner and executive producer of the series.

How does The Diplomat end

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In the season one finale it is revealed that it was British Prime Minister Nicol Trowbridge (Rory Kinnear) who gave the order to blow up the British aircraft carrier off the coast of Iran. That’s not all: the Prime Minister wants to release the handcuffs for Roman Lenkov, a Russian mercenary, for his involvement in a past attack. French Interior Minister Brielle Fournier (Micky Sébastian) reveals to Kate (Keri Russell) that the British intend to kill Lenkov, not arrest him. This is because the truth about the explosion will never come out, otherwise the prime minister risks being implicated for his crimes. Austin Dennison (David Gyasi) – the British foreign secretary – also seems to be unaware of all this.

When Merritt Grove (Simon Chandler) – a Conservative MP – approaches a car, the second explosion takes place, leaving the fates of Grove, Hal (Rufus Sewell), Deputy Head of Mission Stuart Hayford (Ato Essandoh) uncertain. and Ronnie (Jess Chanliau). Who dies at the end of the first season of The Diplomat? It’s not clear, but we’ll find out in the next few episodes.

Cast di The Diplomat 2

Waiting for more information on returning castwe recall below all the protagonists of the series of the first season:

  • Keri Russell as Kate Wyler
  • Rufus Sewell as Hal Wyler
  • Ali Ahn as Eidra Graham
  • David Gyasi
  • Ato Essandoh as Stuart Heyford
  • Rory Kinnear
  • michael sandoval
  • Michael McKean as President Rayburn
  • Pearl Mackie as Alyssa
  • Penny Downie as Frances Munning
  • Sesame Daneshmand as Rasoul Shahin
  • Jess Chanliau as Ronnie

The Diplomat 2 episodes, how many are there?

In case of more information, let’s imagine the arrival of eight new episodes from 50 minutes also for the second chapter of the political thriller created by Debora Cahn and directed by Liza Johnson and Simon Cellan Jones.

Trailer The Diplomat 2

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Not being filmed yet, the second season of The Diplomat there are no official clips. Waiting to discover them, here is the following official trailer from the first season:

The Diplomat 2 streaming, where to see it?

Also streaming the second season of The Diplomat would become available to stream exclusively on Netflix in all territories reached by the service.

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