Super Mario Bros exceeds one billion dollars and becomes the highest grossing Italian of 2023

With the last Italian box office of the weekend, Super Mario Bros. has for now become the most watched film of the calendar year here, while in the world it has predictably broken into one billion dollars.

Super Mario Bros. – The Movieafter the results of the long weekend at the Italian box office (thanks to May Day), has become for now the most watched film in Italy in the calendar year: its domestic total of 18,803,000 euros (source Cinetel) in fact beat the post-January takings of Avatar: The Way of Water, who still remains the invincible winner of the season, with his 44 million. Even in the rest of the world, however, Super Mario takes no prisoners…

Super Mario Bros. – The film exceeds the billion dollar mark worldwide

With a budget of $100 million, Super Mario Bros. – The Movie currently boasts a result at world box office Of 1.026.377.000, according to Boxofficemojo. The already surprisingly stable box office received a further boost from the April 28 Japanese release, which already clocks in at $13,762,000. There Universalthanks to its partnership with Illuminationis used to these figures, but after the pandemic, these results had never been achieved for an animated film: even Minions 2: How Gru becomes evilby the same authors, had “stopped” last year at 939,628,000… and the plumber doesn’t seem to want to rest (he’s never done that in forty years, after all), shaking the record Frozen Disney animated series, thus far the highest grossing cartoon of all time, which brought home 1,284,540,518. A very concrete eventuality, because in the US the film has already sold well three historic records for the consecutive keeping of receipts in the three weeks following its release.
Naturally, in the case of Frozen we are still talking about a 2013 film and figures not updated to inflation, so we always remember that to contextualize these challenges correctly it would be more correct to compare the number of spectators…

The other Italian collections of the May 1st weekend

The ranking did not remain exactly the same between the canonical weekend and May 1st: we provide you with the cumulative results here to reconstruct the relationships between the top five positions. Apart from the first position of Super Mario Bros. – The Movie, in second place we have seen stable The sun of the future of and with Nanni Morettiwhich recorded 1,121,500 euros, reaching the total so far of 2,733,300.
Third place is for the reboot/sequel The house: the awakening of evil: the continuation of the historical saga inaugurated by Sam Raimi registers another 811,000 euros, for an Italian total of 2,337,000 and a world total of 88,050,000 dollars. Fourth position for science fiction by 65: Escape from Earth con Adam Driver e Ariana Gleenblatt, which attract spectators for 487,400 euros (56,182,800 dollars worldwide). Surprisingly, the Ukrainian cartoon closes the top five Mavka and the Enchanted Forestwhich defends itself well precisely on May 1st and over the weekend, therefore raking in a total of 486,500 euros, for an overall Italian result up to now of 977,200.

The complete box office of the weekend

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