Beautiful Advances May 3, 2023: Ridge destroys Brooke by revealing that she had slept with Taylor!

Let’s find out the Advances of Beautiful for the May 3, 2023 episode. The Plots of the Soap episodes broadcast on Canale5 tell us that Ridge will reveal to Brooke that he spent the night with Taylor.

The Advances Of Beautiful ci they reveal that in the episode aired May 3, 2023at ore 13.45 are Canale5, Brooke will find out with horror the which is why Ridge no longer wears his wedding ring nuptial. Logan will be overwhelmed by the confession That her husband is not only tired of suffering because of her but also has spent the night with Taylor, from which he decided to return, to find the lost happiness. The blonde will try once again to change her husband’s mind but will be alone again… and this time maybe forever!

Beautiful sneak peeks: Brooke notices that Ridge no longer wears his wedding ring

Brooke remained shocked by a detail that has noticed on Ridge’s hand. His husband he no longer wears a wedding ring. Logan will ask him why he decided not to wear it anymore, sure it’s not a coincidence. The Forrester will explain Of no longer have the pleasure of wearing itsince it has decided to break up with her and to end their marriage. Ridge will tell them clearly Of no longer wanting to suffer for his betrayals and his lies and will confide that he is at the end of his strength.

Beautiful Previews: Ridge reveals to Brooke that he spent the night with Taylor

Ridge gelerà Brooke with his revelations. The stylist will confess to his wife that he is tired of their push and pull e you be teased. Then when his wife asks him to explain the absence of the wedding ring on her finger, he will confess to having taken it off the night beforeto spend the night together with Tayloras a free man. For Logan it will be a painful discovery but he won’t want to lose heart. She will try to convince her husband not to leave ea don’t go back to Hayesinstead giving their marriage a chance. Their love can’t end for a mistake, which she immediately regretted and which she doesn’t even know how she could have committed. Ridge But he won’t listen to reason e he will leave her alone again.

Plots and Previews Beautiful: Sheila congratulates Taylor

While Brooke will try to get Ridge to forgive her, Sheila will travel again At the office da taylor. The Carter he will congratulate her to finally have regained the Forrester and for bringing him back to the only woman who can truly love him. The doctor won’t be very happy to see her and she will keep wondering why her redhead keeps picking on Brooke. Although the blonde has made mistakes, she will refuse to comment on what happened with her family’s number one rival. At Forrester Creations instead, Steffy e Thomas they will be interrupted by the arrival of Hopewho will hear their conversation about what happened the night before.

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Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Sunday at ore 13.45.

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