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Terra Amara, today May 1, 2023, is not on air. Change the schedule

Terra Amara, Gulten is getting married: previews

Amara land today’s episode

Bitter land today, May 1, 2023, is not on air: we would have been on the first date of the programming week, since May 1st falls on a Monday. Instead, the soap is not aired on Channel 5 at 2.10pm. Why isn’t there the usual slot dedicated to the Turkish soap that fascinates so many viewers? Let’s start by saying that it is a public holiday, being Labor Day. Moreover, the Network proposes schedule changes in similar situations this year: let’s mention, for example, the fluctuations of Easter Monday (Easter Monday) and April 25 (Liberation of Italy). Given that Bitter land today is not broadcast, we remind you that you can always review the episodes broadcast on Mediaset Infinity in streaming o on demand.

Nothing Bitter land Today: right away where we are with the episodes of the soap aired in April 2023 and what we expect in the next ones.

Advances Terra Amara next episodes and where we are

Da sinistra: Ugur Günes (Yilmaz) e Kerem Alisik (Fekeli) in una scena di
The sinister: Ugur Günes (Yilmaz) and Kerem Alisik (Fekeli) in a scene from “Terra Amara”. Credits: Mediaset

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In the latest episodes of Bitter land broadcast on Canale 5 one of the storylines that holds the table is that of Flowers. She seems to be determined to marry Rustam, a man who already has three children and well ahead of her age. Instead, when Go ahead he learns about this, he rushes to her to stop her. On the occasion of the engagement party between the two, Go ahead shoot a Rustamthus earning him prison time. The twist is the reaction of the girl who, going to visit him in prison, confesses that she loves him and that she will wait for him.

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These being the premises, we expect that Cetin e Gulten face this complex period with the bars in the middle, but then allow themselves a more sentimentally stable parenthesis. It will be like this?

Rewatch Terra Amara yesterday’s episode in streaming

Where to see yesterday’s episode of Bitter land in streaming? Find it on Mediaset Infinity, a free platform branded Mediaset. To access you need to create an account. Personal data and other essential data are sufficient, which you can also provide through a regularly activated social profile.

When Terra Amara returns on Canale 5

According to the information we have received from the Net so far, the episode of Bitter land it should only jump today, May 1, 2023, and come back from tomorrow to the usual programming time.