Amici 22: Cricca returns to social media after the elimination from the evening, the singer’s dedication to Maria De Filippi

Clique after Amici 22: “It was a wonderful adventure”.

The seventh episode of the evening of Amici 22which aired on Saturday, April 29, 2023, saw the elimination of Cricca. The young singer of the CuccaLo team lost in the final runoff against his friend Aaron and it was forced to leave Maria De Filippi’s talent show one step away from the semifinal.

Cricca’s first words after being eliminated from Amici 22

After Ramon Agnelli, too Cricca was eliminated from the Amici 22 evening. After a fought ballot with Aaron Ash, Lorella Cuccarini’s pupil has left the talent show. Interviewed by Witty, the young singer took stock of his intense career in the Canale 5 school:

I enjoyed singing and in the end I almost made it to the final, so I’m very happy. I’ve grown a lot. Humanly and artistically. I opened up a bit the mental horizon I had in several respects. That of coexistence, of prejudices against others. A lot of things. In my opinion this is the most important thing that I carry with me. I saw the video of my first unreleased piece here and it was a beautiful, very emotional surprise. I will miss everything. From waking up in the morning to quarrels. Sharing so many things with so many people. I will miss that.

Good luck to everyone who stayed inside, I love them very much. They are very strong so I am sure they will do some beautiful things. As for Cricca, good luck to him too, in the end I will continue to live on music. For life, I hope.

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Cricca then returned to social media to thank all those who have supported him in these months:

It was a wonderful adventure! Now it’s over and I’m back home. I can’t do anything but thank you for what has happened to me in these months, it has been an incredible journey! Thanks to all the Amici staff! You will always be in my heart, see you soon! Thanks Lorella Cuccarini, you wanted me and you’ve always been there, I’ll never forget it. Thanks Rudy Zerbi (see you in Riccione for a piadina!!) and thanks Arisa, you are special. Thanks to all my fellow adventurers, there is one thing between us that will bind us forever, today as in a thousand years. And finally thank you Maria!! For all that only you and no one else in the world knows, I truly love you. As for me, I don’t know what awaits me but if we’ll be together I won’t be afraid of anything… music and songs are my life, and being able to share it with you is the most beautiful thing I could ask for in life. Lots of love for everyone, for those who have loved and supported me since day one (I always read you!), but also for those who have loved me the least! This is our start.

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