Beautiful Previews and American Plots: Thomas and Taylor frightened by the return of RJ. Is there a hand of Ridge?

The Beautiful American Previews reveal that RJ will return home. The boy will make his parents very happy but for Taylor and Thomas his return could be a big problem. Here’s why and what we will see in the episodes of the Soap.

Do you remember when we told you about a likely return of RJ in Beautiful textures? Well then you’ll be glad to know that the time has come. The baby of the house Forrester e only son of Brooke and RidgeAnd just appeared in the episodes of the Soapair these days in the United States. The boy announced of fly back to Los Angeles for some time and his father insisted and will continue to insistwe anticipate it, that he starts working for their company. This though it won’t please either Taylor or Thomas much.

Beautiful American Advances: RJ goes home

Some time ago, in one of our articles, we announced that RJl’only son of Ridge and Brookewould be soon returned home. At that time we still didn’t know if the boy would still have the face of Anthony Turpel or if his character would be played by another artist. Well, the American episodes of the Soap – those aired this week just ended – they revealed to us That RJ has a new actorthe charming Joshua Hoffman. The little one of the Forrester house will stay with us for quite some time. The American advances Of Beautiful indeed they do understand that the young influencer could stay in Los Angeles for more than a few days and even start working for the family business.

Beautiful American Previews: RJ will work at Forrester Creations?

RJ has kept away from the family for several years. We haven’t seen him on screen since 2018 and apparently, in recent years, he has been very busy with his influencer activity. The American advances Of Beautiful they reveal to us that the young man will tell his family to have toured the world per build his own image and to make himself independent of the fame of his parents and brothers. Ridgeas excited as Brooke to have her newest child home again, will offer him to use his ability con i social per work at Forrester Creations and even lend a hand to the new collections coming out. But be careful because this request could become very dangerous per Thomas but also for Taylor.

American Beautiful Plots and Previews: Will Thomas and Taylor have to watch their backs now that RJ is back?

Il RJ’s return will leave both Thomas and Taylor stunned. The two will be happy that the boy is back home but will begin to think that he can cause them some trouble. Per Taylor, RJ could build a problem due to being the only son, and great bond, of Brooke e Ridge. The two, with the return home of their child, they could get back together and maybe feel the need to rebuild their family. A fear that the doctorwe anticipate it, he will try to push it out of his mindper trust his friendship with Loganhas become increasingly important.

Per Thomas instead, the return of the little brother could be synonymous with competition. Although the boy hasn’t developed stylistic skills at the moment, the your great invention could become one thorn in the side for the big brother. E his presencealongside Hope and Zende – and working at Hope for the future – could undermine Thomas’s. Liamstill quite angry because of his rival’s return to the company – could push his young brother-in-law a go against Forrester senior and maybe even take his place. What will worry Thomasinitially, however, will be the relationship between the boy and their father. The designer will still struggle to prove to his dad that he has changed and that he is a model son but RJ might overshadow that, unleashing his ferocity again. Will this really happen? We’ll see.

Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Sunday at ore 13.45.

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