Men and Women, Francesca Del Taglia and Eugenio Colombo together: is there perhaps a flashback?

The former couple of Men and Women, Eugenio Colombo and Francesca Del Taglia have appeared together again, but it may not be a flashback. Let’s see what we know.

The former couple formed by Eugene Colombo e Frances Del Tagliamet at Men and women, got back together for a special occasion. The two had dated the show together Maria De Filippi and they had lived a very intense story, from which two sons were born, Brando and Zeno, but a few months ago they announced their separation. So this is a flashback?

Men and women, Eugenio Colombo and Francesca Del Taglia are back together for a special occasion

In September they announced their separation, which was far from simple and serene, given that on social media there was no shortage of digs from both, including several accusations of treason by Del Taglia towards the ex partner. Today, Francesca she is happily engaged with another person, DJ Federico Fiorentino, and it seems that relations between the two exes have relaxed. So why are they together again? Is it perhaps a flashback?

Contrary to what fans had hoped, the special occasion was their son Brando’s ninth birthday. In order to please the children, in fact, the former participants in the throne of Men and women they decided to spend a day together, first by going to the stadium to watch Fiorentina play – but posting separate photos – and then sharing on social media a photo of all four togetherfor the little one’s birthday.

In the caption accompanying the photo, Eugene Colombo dedicated sweet wishes to the child:

“Happy birthday love of my life, you are a splendid, educated, sensitive, loving child and I could stay here and write all the beautiful characteristics about you. You are the child that every parent would like to have… Without even knowing it, you don’t know how much you teach to me…I will do everything to make your life happy, I promise you. Best wishes, Brando, my love…”

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