Ladies’ Paradise Previews: Will Armando leave for London with Agnese?

The Advances of Il Paradiso delle Signore reveal to us that Armando, in the final episodes of the seventh season of the Soap, will make a decision about his future with Agnese. Will he leave with her or will he decide to let go of her beloved, ending their relationship?

In next episodes of Ladies Paradise we will find out what will be the future from the couple formed by Agnese and Armando. The Cancer will tell goodbye to Paradise and will want return to London as soon as possible by Tina and her niece. The Ferraris will be faced with one very difficult decisioni.e. choose if stay in his city o follow the woman he loves. What will happen?

Anticipations The Paradise of the Ladies: Agnese says goodbye to Paradise

After months of long absence, Agnese is back in Milan ma not to stay. The seamstress has indeed decided to leave for London e move to England, to be next to his daughter Tina and granddaughter. A decision that will leave everyone with a bad taste in their mouths but which, above all, will end Armando in front of one very difficult decision. To follow or not to follow his beloved? There seamstress will propose to her partner Of leave with her e you start a new life togetherfar from the city where their love was born.

Ladies’ Paradise Previews: Will Armando follow Agnese to London?

In last episodes of Il Paradiso delle Signore 7, Armando will take one decision about his future. At the moment we don’t know what Ferraris’ choice will be and what it will entail. If the warehouse manager decides to follow his love for him, he could go out with her and reappear – perhaps – in some episodes as a guest star. But if she were to stay in Milan and at the Paradiso instead, the his relationship with the Beloved could close. Armando has repeatedly said that he misses Agnese and faced with his partner’s choice not to stay in Italy, he may not accept – yet – a long-distance relationship.

Plots and Previews The Paradise of the Ladies: will Palma console Armando after Agnese’s departure?

To discover what will happen between Armando and Agnese we shall wait for the last episode of Ladies Paradise 7. In the meantime though we can make assumptions e one of these sees Palma come possible new companion of the Ferraris. The foreman certainly could choose to leave with Agnes or the seamstress might change her mind and, in order not to upset the life of her love, stay in Milan with him. However, a scenario that seems to have piqued the curiosity of the web involves Palma in the role of Armando’s next companion. The woman could console Marcello’s good roommate in a moment of great suffering. It is an option that fans of the Armato/Ferraris couple will certainly not like but which would be functional to the plots of the Soap. Will it really happen? We will find out soon!

Ladies Paradise it’s going to happen from Monday to Friday at 16.05 are Rai1.

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