Friends 22, Covid-19 positive students in the house: the semifinal is at risk!

According to news released in the last few hours, it seems that in Amici’s school there are students who are positive for Covid-19 and that there is a risk that the final will be postponed. Let’s see what happened.

In the school of Amici Of Maria De Filippi the Covid-19 danger would seem to have returned: according to insistent rumors, some students would have tested positive for the virus and consequently, the semifinal of the talent Channel 5scheduled for May 6, would be at risk.

Friends 22, positive students at Covid-19 and semifinal at risk

The news was first released by Dagospy which reports that two pupils of the twenty-second edition of Amici tested positive for covid-19. The last time such a situation occurred was in January. Always Dagospy reports that the episode broadcast this evening, Saturday 29 April, will not undergo changes, given that it was recorded a few days ago, while the cases of covid-19 emerged after registration.

However, the semifinal of the talent could be at risk, which will be broadcast on May 6, next Saturday and which, therefore, could be postponed, because it will be necessary to wait for the affected students to become negative. However, the news and gossip site has not disclosed who the students affected are and for further confirmation and clarification, all that remains is to wait for an official statement from the production.

Meanwhile, tonight, the seventh episode of the Eveningduring which we will see the performances of the boys, with the various gauntlets, a super guest, as we told you in the Previews and we will find out who will have to leave the school.

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