Amici 22, Ramon tells himself to Verissimo: love, dance and his darkest moment

Today in Verissimo, Ramon Agnelli, the last student eliminated by Amici, told Verissimo. Let’s see together what he said.

Ramón Agnelli he was the last pupil eliminated during the Evening Of Amici and was today a guest at very true, by Silvia Toffanin. The dancer recounted his experience in the talent of Channel 5 conducted by Maria De Filippi and how important it was to him.

Amici 22, Ramon Agnelli talks about himself: “With Amici I found myself”

As he himself admitted to very true, Ramon he immediately perceived that he was at home and that he no longer had to hide, when he entered the house in September Amici:

“I have to thank Amici and all the people who have been close to me, who understand you. Since I entered the house, I said to myself ‘enough’, now a new chapter begins and a new Ramon, who must not hide and must not pretend to always feel good. I decided to let myself go and be 100% myself. I found myself with Amici and I felt the sense of family. They are guys with whom you share everything and it’s wonderful to create relationships with people who are truly special. “

Ramon revealed that he formed a very strong friendship with Gianmarco Petrelliwhich he has already reviewed outside the program, and is waiting to embrace again Clickalthough hopefully as late as possible. Silvia Toffani she also asked him about his relationship with the strict teacher Alessandra Celentano:

“She and I are very similar. But she is a person who knows how to listen and we have always clarified. She loves me, come on”

The experience at Amici it returned his smile, as he himself admits, because at times he found it hard to carry on, even if he tried to find joy in the smallest moments. However, he does not hide that his great passion for dance has also led him to feel bad:

“Dance, like all the arts, involves many sacrifices, dedicating yourself whole months to a project, working hard and I wanted to try to live a normal life, the one that kids my age do and I almost convinced myself to give up, thinking that I would be I was happy all the same. Maybe I would have resumed my studies, which I left for dance, but then Amici arrived and I said I’ll try again. If I can rediscover the magic of dance, then it’s the right path.”

The dancer also told of the beautiful relationship with his older sister, Denisewho raised him, after the loss of their mother:

“I was little, I was studying at the Academy, I was 11 and my mom fell ill with a bad disease. My sister and I helped each other, she was 17 too, she was little, we faced all the problems of adults, but we were only children. But our mother gave us the strength not to give up. She was always the only one who took me around, she was waiting for me outside the academy, she packed my bag to dance. I had a wonderful relationship with her, she was my everything. Now I have my sister. When it happened, we weren’t lucid, then I had my dream and that gave me strength to go on, but thanks to my sister, who followed me, I was able to go on. Many people after a pain like this don’t want to do anything, but instead I did everything for my mom too. And every time I dance, I think of her.”

Ramon he said that he and his sister have rolled up their sleeves to achieve their goals, working and fighting for their dreams, “because life is one and it’s beautiful, we can’t afford to waste it. Doing the things that make you happy, that’s important.” It’s love? Ramon revealed that apart from a few short stories, at the moment her main focus is dance. Then she confirmed that soon will become uncleeven if he doesn’t know yet if his sister will have a boy or a girl, but he can only be happy to be able to embrace this new life that will come.

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