Beautiful Advances April 29, 2023: Revenge! Thomas blocks Brooke from seeing Ridge

Let’s discover together the Advances of Beautiful for the episode of April 29, 2023. The Plots of the episodes of the Soap broadcast on Canale5 tell us that Thomas blocks Brooke in the garden and prevents her from talking to Ridge.

In bets Of Beautiful broadcast on April 29, 2023, starting at 13.45 are Canale5, Brooke will be found at face his greatest enemy. The Episode previews from the Soap ci they reveal that Logan, worried because her husband won’t answer her phone, will decide to join him at Steffy’s house, where she is sure he went after the episode that happened in the Garden. The blonde, arrived in Malibu, will have to overcome the resistance of Thomas and will find that the boy stole his father’s phoneper prevent him from talking to his wife and ruin the good time with his family. Brooke will fly into a rage e will try to enter the house. The young stylist will prevent her by any means and he will lock her in the gardenthen kick her out badly. Meanwhile Steffyunaware of what is happening outside her home, he will try to convince his father a go back to Taylor it’s at forget the Logansonce and for all.

Beautiful sneak peeks: Brooke reaches Steffy’s house to talk face to face with Ridge

brooke is trying for several minutes now contact Ridge ma he doesn’t seem to want to answer her phone. Logan doesn’t intend to let any more time pass and she will decide to join her husband a Steffy’s house, where she is sure he went after their fight. The blonde can only know that soon he will face his number one enemy: Thomas! Young Forrester stands hiding his father’s cell phoneto prevent him from talking to his wife and breaking the family idyll that is taking place within the walls of his sister’s home.

Beautiful Previews: Thomas prevents Brooke from talking to Ridge even in person

Brooke will arrive at Steffy’s houseafter informing Ridge – via message – of his arrival. Thomas, intercepted Logan’s messagel’he will wait outside in the garden. Once the blonde arrives, will realize that his stepson will do anything for keep her away from her husband, even block her with his own body. Brooke will understand that Thomas won’t let her pass but most of all will find out that the young stylist he took over Ridge’s cell phone and that’s why the designer doesn’t answer her. Their face to face will be very close and the winner will be Steffy’s brother, who he will drive out his stepmother in a bad way.

Plots and Previews Beautiful: Steffy tries to convince Ridge to get back with Taylor

Inside the house, Steffy – unaware of what is happening in her garden – he will keep pushing his father a leave Brooke and to go back to Taylor. Hayes will just ask her ex-husband how she feels about it, without forcing him to make any decisions. Their daughter, on the other hand, will hit hard and won’t stop singing the praises of her mother and accusing Brooke of always being the usual traitor and double agent. Ridgepressed by his family, will make a decision That will completely turn the tide of his life and of his marriage: kiss Taylor not he will confess that he is ready to return to her.

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Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Sunday at ore 13.45.

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