Friday, March 1, 2024
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X Factor 23, Morgan speaks: «If I come back it’s only for the money. They need to bring the schedule back up.”

X Factor 23, parla Morgan: «Se torno è solo per soldi. Hanno bisogno di riportare su il programma»

This morning the news arrived that is making all X Factor fans discuss, and it was given by Il Messaggero: at X Factor 23 there will be the great return of Morgan to the jury. An absolutely unexpected return and what a force, given his character and history within the talent show, he toured Italy in half a second and sparked endless discussions. Morgan should be part of the jury of the new edition of X Factor in place of Rkomi, while for the rest everything is confirmed compared to the last edition. Team that wins does not change and therefore wide again to Fedez, Ambra Angiolini, Dargen D’Amico as judges and Francesca Michielin as manager. An already very strong cast, as demonstrated by the excellent results obtained last year, and which with the addition of Morgan can only arouse even more hype.

Morgan’s response on his alleged participation as a judge in X Factor 23 was not long in coming, and the singer immediately exposed himself in this regard by absolutely not denying the news but rather, making it clear that his participation in the next edition of X Factor is much more than a voice. Here are the words of the singer, reported by Repubblica:

“I’m going back to X Factor, I’m like Mr Wolf for television: the share raiser. I haven’t decided yet but, if I do, I do it exclusively for the money. Everyone does everything for money but the difference is that I make art, I don’t do harmful things, something that hurts others, something harmful, normally people do everything for money”.

The singer then added: “I’m like Mr. Wolf, I solve problems. They need to get the schedule back on and me soon. I’ve done it in Rai for many years, they call me in the programs that are dying, I take care of the program and it comes back healthy, right now there’s a need for X Factor. I’m trying to understand a series of things, when you have to intervene on a patient, it’s an intervention that they asked me, I’ll decide in these days “.

In short, Morgan’s return to X Factor seems very close, and with this cast it will be fun.