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Gaffur dies in Bitter Land? Advances

Gaffur dies in Bitter Land?  Advances

Gaffur dies in Bitter Land?

Bitter landGaffur dies? Previews of what will happen in the next episodes of Once Upon a Time Çukurova. Played by Bülent Polat, Gaffur Taşkın is one of the main characters of the Turkish soap that aired from 2018 to 2022 in his homeland, and appears in all four seasons produced.

Gaffur is the husband of Saniye and brother of Gülten, the woman employed in the kitchen of the Yaman family mansion. Together with his wife, Gaffur decides to fulfill their dream of expanding their family by adopting little Üzüm Tökün. Gaffur’s fate, as well as that of his wife Saniye, will take a tragic turn. A hard worker and loyal to the Yaman family, Gaffur was born and raised in Adana and took over from his father as estate clerk. Initially Gaffur welcomes the arrival of Yılmaz, with whom he spent his military period; however, when Yılmaz expresses the need to get a job, Gaffur begins to dislike him. Gaffur shoots and kills Hatip Tellidere, the man responsible for Çengaver’s death. In fact, Hatip was creating too much havoc in Çukurova, and Gaffur felt the need to intervene to defend his community.

Gaffur’s life will be marked by two great tragedies: the deaths of his wife Saniye and his sister Gülten. The two women are in fact run over by Haşmet Çolak, a very controversial character who enters the scene towards the end of the fourth season. Attempts to help the two women are useless: Gülten and Saniye die a short distance away, leaving Gaffur and little Üzüm alone. Those wondering if Gaffur dies in the course of the soap may be relieved to learn that the character will arrive alive at the end of Bitter land, but that – unfortunately – his two dearest loved ones will not survive.