Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina is “back” in an episode of season 19. The tribute to Dr. Yang

Cristina “torna” in Grey’s Anatomy 19

Cristina Yang peeped in a season 19 episode of Grey’s Anatomy. The character played by Sandra Oh left the scene at the end of season 10, when – after losing the Harper Avery Award due to a conflict of interest with the hospital – Cristina decides to accept a can’t-miss career opportunity at the Klausman Institute for Medical Research which implied his relocation to Zurich, Switzerland. Dr. Yang has continued to be a part of the Gray Sloan Memorial world ever since, even though her presence is made up of character mentions and incidents. off-screen (i.e. that are not shown in the series).

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When Derek is dead we see Cristina (not played by Sandra Oh) from the back as she consoles Meredith. During season 16 Meredith receives a message from her best friend in which Dr. Yang reveals that he has sent her a “gift”; that gift will later turn out to be Dr. Cormac Hayes, the new pediatric surgeon who enters force at the Seattle hospital. In short, despite the fact that Sandra Oh has reiterated on several occasions that she does not feel the need to go back to wearing Cristina Yang’s gown, the authoring team of Grey’s Anatomy never ceases to keep alive the memory of one of the most beloved characters of the TV series.

One of the most prominent storylines of season 19 is drawn from current events and sees the doctors and doctors of Gray Sloan Memorial at the forefront of securing people’s rights to their reproductive rights, in light of the recent overturning that overturned the Supreme Court ruling “Roe vs. Wade” about access to abortion in the United States. In fact, Dr. Bailey has created the Elena Bailey Memorial Clinic for Reproductive Health, while Addison – using the PRT (Physician Response Team), or a mobile operating room – offers support in the American states where patients have to deal with the outlawed abortion.

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At the end of the sixteenth episode of season 19, broadcast in the United States on Thursday, April 20, Addison receives a shipment with the equipment and resources to continue operating the PRT. Accompanying the shipment was a letter which reads: “This should allow you to stay active for a while. Don’t give up, Yang”. Cristina has sided with Addison and Bailey by sending her former colleagues the necessary to continue to provide help to those in need. This cameo was yet another tribute to a character who, even in her absence, continues to excite the faithful of Grey’s Anatomy.

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