Grey’s Anatomy 19: the return of Addison and the topicality of the abortion law in the medical drama

Kate Walsh returns to peep through the corridors of the Gray Sloan Memorial and this time she will be involved in the first person, in a special double episode that ends on Wednesday on Disney+. Current events once again reign supreme in the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey's Anatomy 19: the return of Addison and the topicality of the abortion law in the medical drama

It will be because he has to deal with the farewell of Ellen Pompeo as a regular character (but he will return in the season finale), it will be because he will soon say goodbye to his half-sister Maggie, but Grey’s Anatomy in the second half of nineteenth season (it has already been renewed for a twentieth) he has to shoot as many cartridges as possible to keep the audience glued to the screen. The latest idea comes – as has often happened in the past in the medical drama available in Italy every Wednesday on Disney+ – from current events, especially the United States which with the Trump administration has seen a return to the past rather than a look to the future it affects many aspects, including medicine. All this could only happen with the return of Kate Walsh (which we had already greeted on this topic last season, and now it is really central again), making her the protagonist of a heart-pounding double episode.

From reality…

Greys Anatomy 19X11 Scena

Grey’s Anatomy 19: a scene from the series

In June 2022, with a ruling that soon became historic (negatively) the Supreme Court, meaning the highest body operating in this sense overseas, annulled the right to abortion in the United States, overturning the historic Roe vs Wade ruling. So each State has since then gained the juridical and legal authority to decide “each for himself”: this has led the democratic states to continue to allow the practice of abortion, or to adopt it with some restrictions, while in the republican states there was a rapid escalation towards outright abolition. An unsustainable situation for many women who find themselves having to make the most difficult choice of their lives, thus not having any type of support (psychological, emotional and medical as well as legal).

Greys Anatomy 19X12 Kate Walsh T9Zygm0

Grey’s Anatomy 19: a scene from the series

Often they even find themselves sometimes forced to “do it themselves” or cross states to find doctors willing to help them. This had led Miranda (Chandra Wilson) in the series not only to create the clinic dedicated to her deceased mother to help and raise awareness not only for patients but also for residents and doctors themselves to be professionally trained in this sense. Furthermore, she had created a special ambulance van with which Addison could travel around the country trying to help as many women as possible, even if only for a consultation or a check-up, to which many no longer go out of simple fear.

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… to the screen

Greys Anatomy 19X12 Kate Walsh Caterina Scorsone

Grey’s Anatomy 19: a scene from the series

Thus we find the Addison di Kate Walsh more disillusioned than ever in the double episode special that ends this Wednesday on Disney+, directed for the occasion by the show’s stars Kim Raver and Kevin McKidd (Teddy and Owen). This is because she is now continuously attacked both online and in person, being a neonatal surgeon as we know very famous in television fiction and for this reason becoming the face of a campaign that many citizens who support that sentence do not approve. Thus a group of residents who come from outside – including a pregnant girl – try to learn as much as possible together with the new protagonists we met at the beginning of this nineteenth season and get involved in an accident by protestants outside the Gray Sloan Memorial along with Addison herself.

Greys Anatomy 19X11 Kate Walsh Alexis Floyd

Grey’s Anatomy 19: a scene from the series

The second part of the special double episode – which recalls the maxi disasters of the past and the writing that made the fortune of the medical drama, today the longest running and most followed on TV – will reveal the fate of the characters, including the beloved by fans played Kate Walsh. The actress can see how she has put her heart and soul into this comeback, to tell the escalation of violence in the country through the point of view and the eyes of a female doctor. Definitely an episode loaded with girl power, starting with the new head of the hospital Teddy who will handle the situation with great tact and awareness. The occasion was also perfect for bringing Addison and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) together again, as we know the character who most shared the scene with her in the spin-off Private Practice: the two women were thus able, with an engaging and exciting, to talk about their own story through that of their patients. To try to sensitize the public (especially the United States), once again, on an extremely topical topic and try to change the fate (at least ideally) of an increasingly (hardly) sustainable situation.

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