Comicon 2023: Maurizio De Giovanni is also in Naples, with a new case of Commissioner Ricciardi

Maurizio De Giovanni will also be at the Comicon in Naples with a new case of Commissioner Ricciardi in a card game version: that’s when.

Comicon 2023: Maurizio De Giovanni is also in Naples, with a new case of Commissioner Ricciardi

Available as an absolute preview from Friday 28 April at the Cranio Creations stand (AG3-11) a Comicon Naples 2023 at a special price of 5 euros reserved for visitors to the fair, the intriguing Cala il Sipario will also be the protagonist of an unmissable panel: on Monday 1st May at 12.00 in the Sala Mordor, the writer Maurice de Giovanniin the company of Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino will reveal some secrets about the new game, about his experience as a board game author and about the new cross-media dimension in which the investigator and the public will meet for the first time with Murder Party Pocket.

Immediately afterwards, from 1.00 pm, a copy-signing session at the Cranio Creations stand dedicated to the many fans of the most popular genre at the moment internationally, true crime. But what is the card game about? A mysterious murder shocks the Sannazzaro theater in Naples, six suspects, each with a valid motive. Cala il Sipario is the new investigation by Commissioner Ricciardi, the famous character born from the pen of De Giovanni, who with his series of books and the successful fiction broadcast on Rai 1 has fascinated millions of Italians with now iconic atmospheres and characters .

This is the first chapter of Murder Party Pocket, the new hybrid card game by Flaminia Brasini and Virginio Girgli, published by Cranio Creations which changes according to the number of participants: from 1 to 2 players, the detective mode will allow yellow lovers to put yourself in Ricciardi’s shoes and solve the case; from 3 to 6 players we switch to Murder Party mode, where everyone will play a suspect in search of the truth. But beware: to save his skin, the real killer will be ready to deceive anyone!

The unprecedented and exciting story was written by De Giovanni himself, who for the first time takes his character into a new playful dimension. To help the commissioner there will always be the faithful Brigadier Maione who, in investigative mode, will help the player solve the case with his observations. The great innovation of Cranio Creations’ adventure is the union between board game and video game. The App is a full-fledged guide that is essential for following the storyline of the game. In addition, thanks to augmented reality, even the “Done will come true“. Just like the commissioner, the player will also be able to see the last thought of the victim, which will be an important clue to the success of the case.

We recall that already since 2009 Cranio Creations continues to intercept the new needs of players from all over the world, growing year after year to become one of the most important specialized publishing houses in Italy. With Murder Party Pocket and the collaboration with an author like Maurizio De Giovanni, the expansion of the recreational medium continues, increasingly hybridized with the videogame one, in order to spread its values ​​and messages to an ever wider audience.

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