Beautiful, Ridge lascia Brooke?

Beautiful, Ridge is really leaving Brooke?

Ridge really leave Brooke in Beautiful? The soap opera broadcast on Canale 5 cannot give up on sentimental drama, even more so if it concerns two of its strongest and most iconic characters. Brooke and Ridge have accompanied over three decades of airing, both American and Italian. Even if Ridge changed his actor at one point (from Ronn Moss to Thorsten Kaye), Brooke never changed his actress Katherine Kelly Lang (except for a rare exception in 1997, when she was pregnant and Sandra Ferguson arrived in her place).

Ridge e Brooke in Beautiful Credits BBL DISTRIBUTION
Ridge e Brooke in Beautiful Credits BBL DISTRIBUTION

But what happens to one of the soap opera’s longest-running couples? Will Brooke and Ridge end up separating once again? It all started with a tragedy new year’s night. Brooke had one too many drinks and has kissed Deacon and from that moment he lives in torment. When Ridge discovers the betrayal, the situation becomes even more complicated.

Beautiful, Ridge perdona Brooke o no?

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Wondering if Ridge forgives Brooke after what happened with Deacon? We arrive at the answer step by step by analyzing the advances from the american bets. Despite the ongoing crisis, Ridge will not leave Brooke for kissing her ex, but because of a sneaky plan orchestrated by Steffy e Thomas. The latter accused Brooke of having called social workers to check how he treated her son. Although Logan had denied her involvement, Ridge at that point decides not to believe her anymore.

Fed up with lies and plots (albeit ignoring what Steffy and Thomas did), Ridge decides to leave Brooke. Brooke’s romantic gesture won’t be of much use, as she will try to reason with him by professing her love for her. Ridge, for his part, fell into the trap of his children, who would have wanted their parents together once again. In fact, Ridge will go to Taylor, giving himself a new opportunity. According to American advances, however, when Ridge finds out what his children have done, he will retrace his steps. He will leave Taylor, shortly before marrying her again, and return to Brooke.

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