Friday, February 23, 2024

Suddenly Joy: the trailer for the new film by Marco Mazzieri (VIDEO)

Suddenly Joy: the trailer for the new film by Marco Mazzieri (VIDEO)

Here is the trailer of La Gioia All’Improvviso, the new film by Marco Mazzieri written by Lorena Ravanetti and Fabrizia Dalcò with the advice of the anti-violence center of Parma.

Suddenly Joy: the trailer for the new film by Marco Mazzieri (VIDEO)

Video Type and Vertigo film recently released the trailer official of Sudden joy, the film by Marco Mazzieri which recounts a particular day of the operators of the anti-violence center in Parma. Produced by Roberto Venturini for Video Type and Tony Campanozzi for Vertigo, the film was written by the authors Lorena Ravanetti and Fabrizia Dalcò.

Mazzieri’s film was made with the advice of the Parma anti-violence center, with the collaboration of the patronage of the Emilia Romagna Region, the Municipality of Parma and the State Police. The operators and women who survived the violence are interpreted by the actresses of the Teatro del Cerchio including Chiara Casoli, Stefania Maceri, Gabriella Carrozza, Silvia Santospirito, Simonetta Checchia, Martina Manzini and with the participation of Tony Campanozzi.

The narration is the result of the stories and experiences of the operators and the locations are the real places of the Parma Anti-Violence Center where they carry out their profession. The aspects of their work, taken up in daily life, include welcoming, listening, legal assistance, job orientation and accompaniment to shelters where women who have survived violence can regain strength and begin to rebuild a ‘identity.

Firmly intertwined with their daily actions, we find in the film actions that reconstruct the soul of the operators and women welcomed in moments dedicated to beauty, harmony and the search for well-being in its entirety. These are the main characteristics of La Gioia All’Improvviso.