JK Rowling, Jim Broadbent defends writer: ‘I think she’s fantastic’

Jim Broadbent, interpreter of Horace Slughorn in the film saga of Harry Potter, has defended JK Rowling from the attacks claiming that she is a fantastic person.

JK Rowling, Jim Broadbent defends the writer: "I think she's fantastic"

Jim Broadbentwho played Horace Slughorn in the Harry Potter saga, defended J.K. Rowling by the many criticisms addressed to the writer. A few days ago, the author of the novels dedicated to the adventures of Harry Potter responded ironically to the new wave of accusations that emerged online after the announcement of the development of a new series inspired by her books.

Slughorn’s defense

In an interview given to The TelegraphJim Broadbent has now stated: “It’s really sad. I think JK Rowling is amazing. I haven’t addressed the negative criticism yet, but I will support it if need be“.
The interpreter of Slughorn is one of the few interpreters of the films to have given their support to the creator of Harry Potter. To defend her, in the past, there had also been Helena Bonham Carter who had claimed her attacks against the writer were “horrendous”: “You have the right to have your opinion, especially if you have been abused. Everyone deals with their own trauma history and forms their own opinion based on that trauma. You have to respect what people have gone through and their pain. You don’t have to agree on everything, that would be crazy and boring. He didn’t make any aggressive statements, he just said something based on his own experience“.
Ralph Fiennes, who played Voldemort, instead limited himself to defining the attacks against Rowling as “disgusting and frightening”.

Harry Potter, that’s why the new series could be an opportunity

The recent attacks

The announcement made by HBO a few days ago linked to the creation of a series that will faithfully adapt the Harry Potter novels had fueled the online attacks aimed at the author after her statements considered transphobic. She, the author, had commented on the requests for a boycott of the series, ironically claiming that she had stocked up on champagne.

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