Federico Fashion Style, photos on social media worry fans: “You’re too thin!”

The VIP hairstylist, Federico Lauri, aka Federico Fashion Style, continues to make fans worry. Let’s see together what happened.

Federico Fahsion Style he is certainly going through a difficult period: the separation from his partner and daughter’s mother, Letizia Porcu he put his serenity to the test and for many months he has visibly lost weight on social media.

Federico Fashion Style, the photos worry the fans!

In October 2022, in Verissimo’s studio, Federico Lauri he confessed that he was about to separate from Porcu, but that he had become aware of this decision through social media, seeing a post from his ex-partner. Since then, a battle had begun between the two with shots and social threats, also fueled by third parties, who had spread various rumors about the alleged betrayals of the VIP hairdresser and other such malignancies.

always to very true, Federico Fashion Style he had publicly come out, revealing that he preferred to tell his truth rather than wait for others to speak and slander him. While her ex-partner appeared on social media with a new flame, a well-known music producer, Federico Lauri he declared that from now on he would concentrate only on his daughter, little Sophie, and on her happiness.

But, surely, the stress and worries of these days have affected him a lot: already in the photos during a holiday in Sharm el Sheikh they made the fans worry, who saw him as excessively thin. And the same fans have commented on the last shot posted by the VIP hairdresser where he is portrayed while he is holding two cannoli, being on a business trip to Syracuse. The comments below the post are all of the same tenor: “Are you eating?” “But aren’t you pretending?!” “You’re too thin”. Although he himself has declared that he is rediscovering his personal serenity, the road still seems to be very long.

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