Ed Sheeran, Marvin Gaye’s family accuses him of plagiarism: the compensation could be millionaire

Marvin Gaye’s family has accused Ed Sheeran of plagiarism and it seems that the compensation could be millionaires in the event that the star loses the case.

Ed Sheeran, Marvin Gaye's family accuses him of plagiarism: the compensation could be millionaire

The heirs of marvin gaye they could get a multi-million dollar compensation in case they win the case for plagiarism brought against Ed Sheeran. The British star faces allegations from the family of Ed Townsend, Gaye’s collaborator on the piece “Let’s Get It On“, who claims that Sheeran copied various parts of the song to write his smash hit titled “Thinking Out Loud“.

Townsend’s daughter Kathryn Townsend-Griffin, his sister Helen McDonald and the heirs of his late wife, Cherrigale, are suing the “Shape of You” in 2017. Plaintiffs want an injunction preventing Sheeran from executing “Thinking Out Loud“, as well as a monetary compensation that could cost the English singer several million.

Sheeran denied the Townsend family’s allegations, saying that “Thinking Out Loudis a uniquely composed song. In court documents, the star’s lawyers said that “Thinking Out Loud” is not similar to “Let’s Get It Onand that the Townsend family’s claims should be dismissed as not slightly legitimate.

Sadly this is just another case where an artist has seen fit to steal music from other artists‘explained Paul Philips, a lawyer who previously represented Marvin Gaye III, the son of Marvin Gaye, in a similar case.’In this particular case, Mr. Sheeran knows what he did: he misappropriated the intellectual property of the late, legendary Marvin Gaye. We are confident that the jury will recognize him“.

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