Beautiful Advances April 26, 2023: Ridge says enough! It’s over, Brooke chose Deacon!

Let’s see what the Advances of Beautiful reveal for the episode of April 26, 2023. The Plots of the episodes of the Soap broadcast on Canale5 tell us that Ridge, disappointed in Brooke, will decide to leave her. The Forrester will not be able to bear that Logan has chosen Deacon and not him.

In the bet Of Beautiful broadcast on April 26, 2023 at ore 13.45 are Canale5, Ridge will be furious at Brooke e he will decide to leave her. The Advances dell’Soap episode reveal to us that Forrester, disappointed by the behavior of his wife – who gave him further proof of not being faithful to him – he will abandon her at Deacon’s house e will go back to Steffy, where Thomas and Taylor will also be waiting for him. Meanwhile at Forrester Creations, Hope and Steffy will continue to argue on the future of their families. While Forrester will reiterate that it is time for her father to leave his wife and return to the only woman suitable for him, Logan will support her mother and will say she is convinced that the marriage with Ridge cannot wreck due to a mistake made while she was under the influence of alcohol.

Beautiful previews: Brooke defends Deacon, Ridge is furious

Ridge and Deacon had a fist fight and they would continued unabatedse Brooke hadn’t come. Logan, arrived at the Garden, restrained the two but instead of defending her husband, she threw herself at the Sharpe, protecting him from the Forrester. Ridge witnessed the scene widening her eyes and despite Brooke’s words, who begged him to take it only with her and not to put Deacon in her middle, he couldn’t help but think he was betrayed once again . Disappointed and embittered, he will be forced to make a decision that he didn’t want to make.

Beautiful Previews: Ridge leaves Brooke!

View Brooke throwing herself at Deaconhow to protect it, angered Ridge. Lo stylist felt betrayed, another time. Convinced that his wife will not be able to let go of Sharpe and that she has chosen him, Forrester will throw in the towel. She will tell her wife that given how things stand and since she has chosen to defend Deacon and therefore not to be on her side, she is time for the two of them to say goodbye. He will then leave Brooke at Il Giardino and he will go awaywithout saying another word. It will reach Steffy’s house, where Thomas and Taylor will also be waiting for him. All three will be happy to see him and immediately ask him what happened. The answer will leave them speechless.

Plots and Previews Beautiful: Hope and Steffy defend their families

Before Ridge gets to Malibu, Steffy will make her position clear to Hope. The two girls will discuss at Forrester Creations and each of them will defend their mother. Steffy will reiterate That it’s time for her father to leave Brooke e torni da Taylorthe only right woman for him, while Hope will excuse her mom, arguing that a marriage like the one Logan has with Ridge can’t end up with a mistake dictated by alcohol. The two will understand that they can never agree when it comes to their eternal feud and will try to keep calm, so as not to create further friction.

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Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Sunday at ore 13.45.

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