Super Mario Bros. – The film holds the top of the Italian box office of the weekend, in the world it looks to the billion dollars

Super Mario Bros. – The film seems unstoppable: worldwide it is about to reach one billion dollars and is on course to become the highest grossing film of the calendar year in Italy. With us, in second place is Il Sol dell’Avvenire by Nanni Moretti.

Now there is no longer any need to predict the phenomenon of Super Mario Bros. – The Movie, because it is. Maintains the summit at weekend Italian box office with another 1,751,500 euros for a total of 15,745,500, a candidate to soon become the top-grossing calendar year here with us. Cartoons already are in the United States, and in the rest of the world Illumination / Nintendo / Universal reached $871,836,600, easily approaching the billion (and in Japan it comes out on the 28th!). On a $100 million budget, to call this animated film a momentous affair for all involved is an understatement.

Debut in second place with 947,350 euros per The Sun of the Futurethe new work of Nanni Morettithe story of a director who seeks order in his art, while his private life does not hold up to his rigidity. Sivio Orlando, “in the film in the film”, is a PCI secretary plunged into an identity crisis, when in 1956 he doesn’t know how to deal with the repression of the Hungarian revolution. Reality and fiction intertwine in the feature film also starring Margherita Buy, Barbora Bobulova and Mathieu Amalric.
Debut in third position for horror The House – The awakening of evila new act in the saga begun decades ago by Sam Raimi: two sisters reunite after several years, but the family reunion is marred by a fatal re-enactment… We start with 937,000 euros, worldwide we are at 40,300,000 dollars ( on a budget of almost 20).

Another horror fell from second to fourth place, thatPope’s exorcist con Russell Croweinterpreter of the famous figure of Father Gabriel Amorth in a genre entertainment that attracted other spectators for 450,000 euros, flowing into the Italian total of 1,810,700 (the worldwide result is currently 52,040,000 dollars, for 18 euros).
With 321,100 euros he also slipped from third to fifth position Air – The story of the great leap Of Ben Affleckwhere the true story is told first Nike campaign with testimonial Michael Jordan: an epochal change in the history of sport, marketing and customs. The cast consists among others of Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman, Viola Davis, Chris Messina, Marlon Wayans, Chris Tucker. The total world collection amounts to 68,360,000 dollars (for a cost of about 80), in Italy it is around 2,695,000 euros.

The complete box office of the weekend

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