Big Brother Vip, Micol Incorvaia: “It was an experience beyond all expectations, Daniele and Oriana? We have…”

Micol Incorvaia’s confession on her experience in the Big Brother Vip house.

Micol Incorvaia was one of the protagonists of the seventh edition of Big Brother VIP. A few weeks after the finale del reality showthe young woman has decided to answer some curiosities of her many fans regarding her long and intense experience in the Casa di Cinecittà.

Micol Incorvaia without brakes after the Gf Vip

Fresh from experience at Big Brother VIP, Micol Incorvaia he answered some curiosities of his many fans on Instagram. There girlfriend of Edoardo Tavassi he took stock of his journey in the famous Casa di Cinecittà e revealed what are the current relationships with his former travel companions:

It was an experience absolutely beyond all expectations, not only for what I experienced but for how much I really grew up, for how much I learned about myself and about others. As I have always said inside the Casa and as I also said to Alfonso last time, it is truly a therapy that I would recommend to anyone if I could. It’s stuff that if you don’t live it you can’t understand, it’s a truly unique experience. In the sense that you do it once and then most of the time you can’t do it again unless you’re lucky enough to be called back to participate. And then what you create: the bonds you create in there…

Surely out of this experience I bring all the Spartans, deployed and not, and especially my Dodino. In this way I also answer some questions you asked me about OMGs: we talk, if not every day, practically almost. I’ve had a few more commitments lately but don’t worry, we’ll be back and we’ll reunite.

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Micol also talked about relationship that binds her and Edoardo to the couple formed by Oriana Marzoli and Daniele Dal Moro:

Both Edo and I have a very special relationship, both with Dani and Ori, so it often happens that we talk to each other to try to organize. We just have to try to reconcile commitments a little with this famous trip that we’ve been saying for some time that we want to do together. Or in any case go and visit them in Verona, which is already easier … fingers crossed that this thing will happen very soon.

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