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Return to Seoul: the official Italian trailer of the film

Return to Seoul: the official Italian trailer of the film

Presented in the Official Selection in the Un Certain Regard section of the 75th Cannes Film Festival and in its Italian premiere at the Turin Film Festival, it is the second film by the Franco-Cambodian director Davy Chou after Diamond in 2016. Here is the trailer and plot of Return to Seoul, at the cinema from 11 May and then streaming on MUBI.

Arriva in Italian cinemas on May 11distributed by I Wonder Pictures in collaboration with THE BAD, Return to Seoulwhich is the second film by the Cambodian-French director Davy Chou After Diamond of 2016.
Presented in official selection in the section Un Certain Regard at the 75th Cannes Film Festivaland Italian premiere at Turin Film Festival last November, Return to Seoul draws inspiration from the personal story of its author. Born in France to Cambodian parents, Davy Chou returns to Cambodia for the first time at the age of twenty-five and, like the protagonist of his film, shares the complex relationship with his native land. The story takes place over eight years, following the growth of Freddie. During the various phases that distinguish it, music becomes the linguistic denominator that unifies and overcomes obstacles through a common rhythm that goes beyond French, Korean, English and that brings the different souls of the film closer together. The search for identity and the discovery of one’s roots are the fulcrum around which all the director’s research revolves.
Return to Seoul is produced by Aurora Films and co-produced by Vandertastic Films and Frakas Productions, and following its theatrical release will streaming soon on MUBI.
Here is the official Italian trailer, the plot and the poster of Return to Seoul:

Freddie, 25, impulsive and stubborn, returns to South Korea for the first time since she was adopted by a French couple as a newborn. Here, she starts looking for her parents who abandoned her. Between meetings, new friendships and the shadow of a biological mother who doesn’t want to be traced, the girl finds herself immersed in a culture very different from hers and embarks on a journey within a journey that will take her in completely unexpected directions. To discover that perhaps this is life: meeting the unexpected, riding it, being all the people you could have been.