My brother and I: our interview with the director Luca Lucini and the irresistible Claudio Colica and Teresa Mannino

In Luca Lucini’s film My Brother and I, available on Prime Video, even the secondary characters have great dignity and the right three-dimensionality, for example Teresa Mannino’s Aunt Tecla and the protagonist’s roommate Alessandro, played by Claudio Colica. We interviewed the two actors together with the director.

Luke Lucini he knows how to direct sentimental comedies that have something extra, probably a light but not superficial touch, as well as characters and situations that make one think of sophisticated Hollywood comedies. I and my brother it is indeed a rom com, but also a lucid portrait of a generation that is struggling to establish itself in the world of work and which, however, is full of energy and resources. There is also the family, as the title suggests, and love in its various forms and declinations.

Luciniwhose latest feature film was How to grow up despite the parents, moves here within the genre with awareness and with great tenderness towards the characters, taking care of both the main and the secondary ones. They belong to this second group Alessandrowho is the roommate and best friend of Sofia (Denise Tantucci), and the aunt Key, a free and unscrupulous fifty-year-old woman. They are the ones who interpret them Claudius Colicain his first attempt in front of the camera, e Teresa Manninowhich he defined Key “fun and delicious”. We interviewed them together with the director.

I and my brother is available exclusively on Prime Video. The film tells the story of a girl who lives in Milan (Sofia) who returns to his native Calabria to win back the only woman he is convinced he has loved, Michela (Greta Ferro) and who is about to marry his own brother (Christian Caccamo).

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The interview with Luca Lucini, Teresa Mannino and Claudio Colica

And here is our interview with the director of I and my brother, Luke Luciniit’s at Claudius Colica e Teresa Manninoto whom much of the comedy of the film is devoted:

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