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Friends, Jennifer Gray explains why she didn’t return to act in the series: “It put me too much anxiety”

Friends, Jennifer Gray explains why she didn't return to act in the series: "It put me too much anxiety"

Dirty Dancing actress Jennifer Gray has revealed the reason why she never returned to star in an episode of Friends, and it has to do with anxiety.

Friends, Jennifer Gray explains why it is not returned to star in the series: "It made me too anxious"

You remember it Jennifer Grey in Friends? Maybe yes, or maybe not, given the transience of her role, but apparently, the Dirty Dancing actress she didn’t want to go back to the set of the sitcom to shoot more episodes… Due to theanxiety.

Jennifer Grey, who played Rachel’s best friend in the first season of the popular NBC series and her bridesmaid at the near-wedding to Barry that kicks off the show, should have appeared in more episodes of Friends than in which was actually present.

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However, the actress recently revealed that it was her choice not to return to the sitcom.
I was a fan of the show, and was called to guest star” he told the microphones of Media Village, as also reported by Deadline “But when I did, I was afflicted with insane anxiety because they kept making changes to the script“.

It’s really hard to be a guest star, because you’re not an integral part of the show, and you’re really trying to figure out how to do it. And they were trying to figure out who the character was, what the scene was, and they kept changing, changing, changing. And this was making me so anxious that I was barely able to do it“.

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This “performance anxiety” therefore prevented her from returning to Friends (the role was later played by Jana Marie Hupp), but also from taking part in programs whose script was not fixed, as in the case of Saturday Night Live.

When they asked me to come back, I said I couldn’t. They took someone else for the rolecontinued GrayIt saddens me to think that I had to say no to Friends or Saturday Night Live because of my anxiety. The truth is, I wish I had someone to help me deal with those kinds of fears. But I couldn’t help it until I was able to face them“.

In life you learn more from the things you believe you are a failure at than from successes, even though the latter may be more enjoyable” conclude “But it’s part of life“.