Friday, February 23, 2024

Dalìland: the Italian trailer of the biographical film on Salvador Dalì by Mary Harron

Dalìland: the Italian trailer of the biographical film on Salvador Dalì by Mary Harron

Ben Kingsley is Salvador Dali in Mary Harron’s Daliland, which hits theaters May 25 via Plaion Pictures. Here is the Italian trailer.

Will arrive in Italian cinemas on May 25distributed by Plaion Pictures the biopic Dalilanddirected by the director of American Psycho, Mary Harroncon Ben Kingsley as the famous Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali, also famous for his eccentricities. They are also in the cast Barbara Sukowafamous German actress related to the films of Rainer Werner Fassbinderin the role of the despotic wife Gaia, Ezra Miller e Christopher Briney, and this is the official Italian trailer.

Dalìland: an unconventional biopic

Focusing on the twilight of the career of Salvador Dali – surrealist master author of masterpieces such as The persistence of memory – the director outlines the electrifying portrait of one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century, whose existence was characterized until the end by an irresistible mix of genius and recklessness. Daliland introduces us to the world of Salvador Dalì, on a journey into the everyday life of the eccentric genius, but above all of the man behind the artist. Navigating between lights and shadows of Dalí’s life, investigating some of the lesser-known aspects of his daily life, forgets gives the audience a fascinating mosaic, glamorous and fun but at the same time deeply introspective. This the plot:

New York 1974, James works at the art gallery that will host the next exhibition of the genius Salvador Dalí. When the artist himself offers him to become his assistant, the boy thinks of fulfilling his dream of life, but he soon discovers that all that glitters is not gold. Behind the flamboyant lifestyle, glamor and sumptuous parties, a great void consumes the now elderly painter, devoured by the fear of growing old and by the pain of the threadbare relationship with his despotic wife Gala, once his muse and now surrounded by young lovers and obsessed with money.