Beautiful Advances and American Plots: Taylor takes his revenge on Sheila. Her lookout will be terrible!

The American Advances of Beautiful reveal to us that Taylor will have the opportunity to take revenge on Sheila. Hayes, accompanied by Bill, will visit Carter in prison and tell her how she intends to make him pay. Here’s what we will see very soon in the episodes of Soap, broadcast on Canale5.

The American advances Of Beautiful ci they reveal That Taylor will have the opportunity to take revenge Of Sheila. A give her this opportunity, Bill will take care of it, determined – like her – to see Carter destroyed forever. But what will we see exactly in Soap episodes, coming soon on Canale5 and aired in the past few hours in the United States?

Beautiful American Advances: Taylor ready for revenge

The American advances they already revealed that to us for Sheila it will be the end. In some of our previous articles we have told you how Carter, after having sown terror for months, will be annihilated. TO give her the coup de grace will be Deaconwho turns out to have made an agreement with Ridge and Bill, to throw her back in prison. Per Taylor will then come deliverance from all fear and danger. Hayes will be reassured by Bill Spencer that their tense moment will never come out and that the FBI will not return to investigate the shooting. For the doctor it will therefore be a moment of great personal revenge but also sentimental.

Beautiful American previews: Taylor and Brooke forever friends?

Taylor will finally find peace e she won’t even worry anymore for his relationship status. the hayes she won’t be obsessing over Ridge anymore but above all he will be convinced that the his friendship with Brooke is really sincere. In fact, Logan will continue to promise not to get closer to her ex-husband and to remain faithful to their promise to give precedence to their new friendship and not to the man who has always divided them. And she Brooke will seem really sincere, given that she – despite an embarrassing situation experienced with Forrester – she will not fall into temptation. But Taylor will have way to take revenge and it will be really pungent.

American Plots and Previews Beautiful: Taylor swears to Sheila that no one will ever remember her

Taylor will have the opportunity to take revenge on Sheila and to tell her, personally, how he intends to punish her for having made her family suffer. L’opportunity will be provided by Billwho will inform you that you have obtained a interview with Carter and that he wants her to accompany him. The doctor won’t have to repeat it twice and once they’re in prison, in front of the redhead, Hayes will pull out a forked tongue, perhaps never seen before. She will tell the maleficent that she has intention to erase it from everyone’s memory. No one will name herno one will want to remember her and Hayes – their nephew – he won’t even know of its existence. This will be the punishment for trying to kill Steffy and even Finn. Taylor will be just as stinging, slashing, and evil as she is…and with great satisfaction.

Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Sunday at ore 13.45.

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