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Men and Women, Sara Shaimi and Sonny Di Meo soon parents: the tender announcement on social media!

Men and Women, Sara Shaimi and Sonny Di Meo soon parents: the tender announcement on social media!

Finally, the rumors were confirmed that the former couple of Men and Women, formed by Sara Shahimi and Sonny Di Meo, would soon become parents. Let’s see together the details of the news.

Sarah Shahimi e Sonny DiMeo they will become parents! The couple, born in the studios of Men and womenthe dating show of Channel 5 conducted by Maria De Filippiannounced yesterday evening, Friday 21 April, that it will soon welcome a baby!

Men and women, baby on the way for Sara Shahimi and Sonny Di Meo

A news that, perhaps, does not come in a completely unexpected way: several rumors have been following one another for weeks, since the two got married in a ceremony in Morocco, the country of origin of Sara. Not only did a wedding so quick after the events of the last few months suggest, but in some photos many fans had sworn they saw a suspicious roundness at the height of the abdomen. So when yesterday the couple announced they would soon welcome a baby boy, the rumors were confirmed.

The story between Sonny DiMeo e Sarah Shahimi experienced several ups and downs, especially in the last few months: the two had broken up after a period of severe crisis and it was rumored that the betrayals of In Meo, paparazzi also in the company of other girls. Suddenly, however, in March the couple were back together and within a few weeks, they had tied the knot on March 5, leaving everyone speechless.

Now, a short distance from the wedding, a tender announcement has also arrived on social media confirming that they will soon be parents. In the long post that Shahimi shared on social media, writes that this child comes after various difficulties, due to the lockdown, the many quarrels, the misunderstandings between them, but, he continues, that period belongs to the past:

“We needed a sign, something even bigger, something superior and so you arrived… our baby, we have dreamed of you since the first day we chose each other, we have wanted and desired you so much, we have fantasized on your little face already a year ago (…) we also thought about how nice it would be to travel together with you, about every single thing, and it was nice to imagine you and dream about you. Here you are, you arrived unexpectedly, like a hurricane overwhelming us emotions. You also made your dad’s dream come true, who dreamed of seeing me with a big belly, you made our biggest dream come true. We always wondered on those evenings what it feels like to become parents? And now by trying it, we can answer that it feels like a mix of emotions, fear, confusion, bewilderment, but also a lot of joy… Our heart bursts at the mere thought. You are a unique and indescribable emotion, we can’t wait to hug you and start this new journey with you, us 3!”

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