The Patriarch: Tonight on Canale5 the Second Episode of the Fiction with Claudio Amendola

Appointment tonight with the second episode of Il Patriarca, the new Canale5 fiction with Claudio Amendola in the role of a charismatic Apulian entrepreneur, grappling with a big change in his life. Let’s find out together the Advances of the episode aired today.

This evening – Friday 21 April 2023 – second date con The Patriarchthe new TV series that sees protagonist Claudio Amendola in the role of Nemo Banderaand charismatic Apulian entrepreneurWhat will be forced to change his whole lifeafter one terrible discovery. The Fictionin six early eveningswill go broadcast on Canale5 every Friday at ore 21.45. All episodestwelve in total – they will be also available for free e on demand are Mediaset Infinity. Let’s find out Advances from the Second episode of today:

The Patriarch: here’s what happened in the First Episode

Nemo Bandera it’s a rich Apulian entrepreneur. The his life is turned upside down since the discovery of have Alzheimer’s. Destroyed by this novelty, on the occasion of the celebrations for his sixtieth birthday, announce to the family Of want to withdraw and to want leave the reins of his companythe Deep Sea, to her children, Carlo e Nina, two very different guys, who hide different problems. There his decision cuts Mario outhis godson, whom he hastens to reassure, explaining that his role as lawyer and consultant will remain unchanged. Nemo chooses but of finish one last dealof drugs. Yes because the its activity conceals illicit trafficking. Unfortunately for him though, someone wants to row against him. L’former policeman Franco Buscemi if you present in prison to visit Tiger, a drug trafficker, to propose him to take Bandera’s place. He also tells him that in Nemo’s gang has already infiltrated one of his men. It’s about Vento, boyfriend of the entrepreneur’s first daughter, Laraborn of his first love, now in an irreversible coma.

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Il Patriarca: the previews of the Second Episode aired today on Canale5

In the second episode of The Patriarch, Nemo will have to face two terrible enemies: the Tigera ruthless boss who threatens all the affections of Bandera and Monterosso, the new inspector, who wants to frame him for the murder of Buscemi. Meanwhile Lara approaches Malcolmthe father’s new accountant, who unfortunately does not seem sincere and seems to be hiding a secret. Carlo Instead, with the help of his mother Serenatry to prove to the father to be the his worthy heir. Mariodisappointed at being left out, thinks of a piano B per get what he always wants. Court Nina and try to convince her to marry himto take Nemo’s place. Elisa however, according to him up to this moment, he has one unexpected surprise for him.

The Patriarch: the Plot of the new TV Series with Claudio Amendola broadcast tonight on Canale5

The Patriarch, with Claudio Amendola in the shoes of a charismatic Apulian entrepreneuris a real one family sagafull of twists and turns. In his six betsdivided into two episodes each – we will know Nemo Bandera (Amendola), astute and enterprising businessman who made his company, Deep Sea, one of the most important in all of Puglia. Bandera’s success is not entirely due to his nose for business and his ability to make it pay off but also owes much to illicit traffickingthat have base in the port of Levantehis city. Nemo has the situation firmly in hand but Things change how much he gets diagnosed with a disabling diseasewhich will slowly lead him into the abyss: l’Alzheimer. L’the only one who knows of this sad reality, which will soon lead him to have to leave his job, is his friend Ferro. Nor Serenahis wife, nor his children Nina and Carlothey have to know and they are told only that Nemo has decided to retire from business and that you have decided to choose his heir. Unfortunately, the choice of successor very soon becomes one real war. A contending for the coveted title is Mariothe charming and daring Deep Sea attorney, godson of BanderaThat he expects the choice to fall on him. The lawyer but remains dry when he finds out that his godfather decided to leave everything a one of his three children, even if none of them have the right experience and character. Three children… yes because Nemo, before getting married, gave birth Lararebellious and strong-willed young woman, with whom never had a great relationship but who hopes she can get closer to him after so many years of absence and before it’s too late. The illicit trades in which he is involved they bring in two other characters to disturb the already complicated life of the protagonist. L’Inspector Monterosso e the local boss, the Tigerthey decide to attack him, just now that he wants to retire.

The The Patriarch series – the remake of the Spanish TV series Living without permission – for the directed by Claudio Amendola himselfis a family story, in which both the games of power, the compromises, the family ties and those of love are told all together, which will move – we will see – all the characters.

The Patriarch va in onda at ore 21.45 are Canale5.

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