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Men and women, Chiara Nobis, former suitor of Luca Daffrè lashes out against the tronista

Men and women, Chiara Nobis, former suitor of Luca Daffrè lashes out against the tronista

The classic throne of Men and Women features Luca Daffrè, who however does not seem to attract the sympathy of the public… and not even of the suitors, given that another of the girls who courted him, Chiara Nobis, also decided to criticize him. Let’s see what she said.i

The classic throne of Men and women see protagonist Luca Daffrèface already known in the dating show of Channel 5 conducted by Maria De Filippi, because he had presented himself to court a previous tronista. But Luca he doesn’t seem to be able to find the right harmony with the public and with his suitors, given that in the space of a few episodes he has sent away at least 3!

Men and Women, Chiara Nobis against Luca Daffrè

One of the former suitors of Luca, Alessia Spagnulois a sports journalist and single mother, sent away by the tronista due to some misunderstandings between her and the Luca, generated by the presence of a manager in the girl’s life, who seemed to want to manipulate their knowledge. After being removed, Alessia she exposed herself on social media, telling the background of the acquaintance with the tronista.

Now, to tell the story is another former suitor, Chiara to us: the Neapolitan girl eliminated herself, after the tronista reproached her for not having been very affectionate in the external made together. The suitor exposed herself by saying that initially she does not let go easily, but unfortunately, it was not enough for the tronista. Following a discussion, Chiara he left the studio during a dance and then communicated to the editorial staff that he no longer wanted to continue the acquaintance.

However, the girl let herself go to a criticism of the tronista: first by sharing some behind-the-scenes videos of Lucawhich were found on the Witty TV website and placing them next to the word coherent But she went even further, publishing in her stories a screenshot of the exterior between the tronista and one of the new suitors, Alicecon la caption:

“Sorry but I call you Alice”

But the former suitor continued, posting insinuations about the real motivation of Luca in the program and that it would not have to do with love, and then make fun of other contestants, as well Camillapresented in yesterday’s episode by Maria. Finally, the last dig always towards Lucabecause the boy had said that it was she who had rejected him:

“The most urgent reform in Italy is the reopening of asylums”

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