Ladies’ Paradise 7, how it ends between Ezio and Veronica

The Paradise of the Ladies 7, Ezio leaves Veronica?

In this article you will find references to the previews of the block of episodes from 156-160 of season 7. Consequently, if you have not read them and/or do not intend to do so, we warn you: SPOILER WARNING! Don’t continue reading if you don’t want to know what happens in the next episodes of Ladies Paradise 7. Yes Ladies Paradise 7Ezio leaves Veronica?

The Paradise of the Ladies 7, Ezio does not forgive Veronica?

Valentina Bartolo (Veronica Zanatta) in a scene from episode 2 of
Valentina Bartolo (Veronica Zanatta) in a scene from episode 2 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 7”. Credits: Rai

In episodes 156-160 of season 7 Ezio faces two great realizations. The first is that he learns that Zanatta, his partner already knows about the betrayal. In fact, she has traced back to the missing twin and – remember – that Gloria Moreau pretended to be on the phone with the pension. The second is that he understands that Gloria was forced to say “goodbye” to him. Those heartbreaking moments now make sense. In our opinion, Ezio cannot forgive Veronica for all this, also because she would be lying to her heart. There’s no getting around it: Ezio has never stopped loving Gloria.

How does it end for Ezio and Veronica in Ladies’ Paradise 7?

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If, as we assume, Ezio decides to join Gloria in the United States, the perspective is reversed with respect to this scene. Veronica asks Ezio how that day went in episode 130 of season 7. It could have been worse for the first day. Roberto has invited Gemma out to dinner. “They have a beautiful friendship, nothing more”says Veronica who thinks her daughter was right to have fun. Gloria rings the bell. She asks if she can come in. “It is a matter that could not be postponed” dice. “It’s a power of attorney: with this you can also administer the factory in my place” says Moreau. “How long do you plan to stay?” “Maybe! Maybe forever”. He’s been looking back for years. The time has come to look ahead. Ezio senses that there is nothing they can do to change her mind. They wish each other happiness.

If you were in Ezio’s shoes what would you do? Who would you entrust the factory to?

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