Glee star Kevin McHale shares regret about working with Cory Monteith

The actor Cory Monteith he rose to prominence by starring in the series Gleeon Fox as Finn Hudson, a clueless football player with a heart of gold and a talent for singing. The star died of an apparent drug overdose in 2013, just before production began on the fifth season of the television series, which finally honored his passing in the third episode, titled “The Quarterback“.

Cory Monteith’s colleague and friend is back to talking about the shared time on set

Secondo Entertainment Weekly, Kevin McHalewhich in Glee interpreted ArtieHe recently shared a big regret on the rewatch podcast And That’s What You REALLY Missed, which he co-hosts with his former co-star Jenna Ushkowitz. During the discussion on the season 1 episode “Journey to Regionals“, McHale he expressed his regret for not encouraging enough Monteith before his death. He lamented that he “was such a good actor and I don’t think we told him enough”:

Throughout the episode, I was blown away by Cory. Really good. We’re talking about it, but what pisses me off is that he was such a good actor and I don’t think we’ve told him enough. And the things we didn’t get to see him do, because he was so good“.

Before getting the role in Glee, the star has had many small roles, mostly in film and television projects filmed in his native Canada. These include early episodes of WB/CW series such as Supernatural e Smallville. She also had a very small part in supernatural horror Final Destination 3alongside Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

As he points out McHale (who has spoken out against the docuseries about the television series), the actor would likely land several more major roles following the success of the television series. Before his death in 2013, he was already starting to pursue more important film roles. Among them, a trifecta of projects from 2011: Monte Carlo, Sisters & Brothers e Wannabe Macks.

Cory Monteith would probably have oriented his career towards increasingly important roles after the end of the series, especially since the proposed spin-off of the show from the musical genre with him, Leah Michele e Chris Colfer set in New York was canceled and placed in the fourth season. For the moment, Glee will remain the only pillar of his career that fans know. Even though his life was cut short too soon, the impression he left on him was still vast.

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