Emily in Paris, Lily Collins talks about the future of the TV series beyond the upcoming fourth season. The news

Emily in Paris, Lily Collins talks about the future of the series

Emily in Paris has been confirmed for a fourth season for quite some time now. Recently the protagonist Lily Collins expressed his opinion on the future of the series Netflix.

During the annual ceremony of Breakthrough Prizethe daughter of the famous singer Phil Collins she exposed herself on what fans of Emily in Paris can expect from the fourth season and beyond. In December 2022, the third episode cycle was released, but no information has been disclosed about the new episodes at the moment.

Talking with Denny Direct Of ET, Emily stated that he didn’t know much about the plot of the fourth season. “I can only say that the numerous cliffhangers of the previous season will give the story a chance to continue. There will be more drama, laughter, fashion and lots of travel.” In short, the trend of success will remain the same.

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The third season of Emily in Pariss ended with quite a twist, when Alfie ( Lucien Laviscount ) broke up with Emily after discovering his history with who he thought was his partner, Gabriel (Lucas Bravo). Emily she admits that she made the choice that she thought would be the right thing for everyone. But that’s not all, because the girl she also admits that she has always had feelings towards Gabriel. But the surprises are not over yet… Gabriel indeed reveals to her that Camille (Camille Raza) came back from Greece not because she wanted to save their relationship, but because she got pregnant. It ends right there great revelation the third eventful season of Emily in Paris.

“At the moment I love the series so much and I would like to play Emily forever. We need to let the fans and audience enjoy watching Emily in Paris and continue to love the show over and over again.” Lily Collins she added that she felt honored by the invitation she received at the Breakthrough Prize and support the prestigious ceremony between distinguished mathematicians and scientists. Jokingly, he concluded by saying: “It would be very nice if one of these scientists or mathematicians could crack the chemical code between Emily and Gabriel.”

Waiting for detailed information on the fourth season and – above all – a release date, we can do nothing but wait and watch (or rather watch) the first three seasons of Emily in Paris are Netflix.

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