Comicon Animation & VFX Hub: a space for meetings between companies and future special effects professionals

Comicon Animation & VFX Hub is born, an extraordinary space for the professions of special effects and animation, an opportunity for companies in the sector and young professionals to meet.

Comicon Animation & VFX Hub: a space for meetings between companies and future special effects professionals

As part of the Cinema and TV Series program, Comicon inaugurates a new section dedicated to the world of professions in the fields of special effects and animation: Comicon Animation & VFX Hubone meeting space which will welcome companies and sector associations to discuss projects, organize meetings, but also recruit through a meeting between young people interested in working in the sector and the companies and associations involved.

Furthermore, Comicon Animation & VFX Hub organizes a series of special events dedicated to this world, involving some Italian and foreign visual effects protagonists, who will present backstage and unpublished materials related to great titles to the public, revealing the hidden work, technology and creativity behind some memorable scenes.

It begins on April 28 with the animator and illustrator Marino Guarnieri who will hold a panel dedicated to the Italian animation association ASIFA of which he is president. During the meeting he will analyze the style and techniques that make up the richness of the language of animation and will present the image created for the 2023 ASIFA membership card.

On the same day, Ivan Cappiello, head of the 3D CGI department of MAD Entertainment and Corrado Piscitelli, collaborator of the same, will hold a meeting in which they will illustrate, through the analysis of some of the most acclaimed productions of the studio – Gatta Cinderella; The Art of Happiness; Yaya and Lennie – the walking liberty and Food Wizards – how it is possible to make high quality animated products without expensive subscriptions. There will also be a portfolio review activity with the storyboard artist David Orlandelli.

On April 29 there will be a panel dedicated to Black Adam presented by Francesco Grisi, CEO and Founder of EDI; the main Italian reality in the field of VFX, and an excellence also at an international level, which will also bring a small exhibition to Comicon “EDI next steps“. On April 30 will follow the rich panel of AVFX, the Visual Effects Association, the first Italian association dedicated to professionals working in the world of visual effects and computer graphics in general, an association created to unite all Italian professionals working in Italy and abroad and pursue common objectives, giving greater visibility to the sector and promoting the culture of Visual Effects.The panel entitled “Comics and Cinema: visual effects as a narrative tool“, will see some of the best Italian agencies pass on the Napoli Comicon stage who will tell some recent successful case histories.

With the introduction of Diego Viezzoli, President of AVFX, and the moderation of Guido Pappadà, to present will be Alps VFX, with the VFX Supervisors of Dampyr (first cinecomic weblog Sergio Bonelli Editore) Filippo Robino and Alessio Bertotti, both; Palantir Digital for Diabolik, whose secrets will be revealed by Simone Silvestri, VFX Supervisor, and Vito Pichienna VFX Producer, and Stefano Leoni, VFX Supervisor of EDI, who will talk about the experience on a Marvel blockbuster like Thor: Love and Thunder. Among the recruiting activities we point out the presence of the companies EDI, AVFX, PALANTIR DIGITAL, MAD Entertainment and ALPS which will be available in a dedicated area inside the Teatro Mediterrano, site of the main activities of the Cinema and TV series programme.

Also present will be David Orlandelli, from the Autori di Immagini association, an experienced storyboard artist who works in the cinema and animation sector and who will be available for a portfolio review dedicated to those interested in working in that sector, as well as the Neapolitan association AVAMAT , an independent reality that offers young directors and writers the opportunity to realize their own projects. Finally, the voice actor Fabrizio Mazzotta with the collaboration of a medical team will reveal the secrets of dubbing by showing what happens “inside” a voice actor while giving voice to his characters.

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