Comicon 2023: an edition dedicated to the great relaunch!

All ready for the opening of the gates of the new edition of the Comicon 2023 edition, the International Pop Culture Festival, which will be held in Naples from 28 April to 1 May. During the press conference we took a look at the very rich program, including comics, video games, cinema & TV series, games and much more.

Comicon 2023: an edition dedicated to the great relaunch!

Presentation in grand style for the twenty-third edition of Comicon of Naplesil International Festival of Pop Culture which has now become an essential point of reference for tens of thousands of enthusiasts and operators in the sector.
In the presence of the president of the Regional Council of Campania, Vincenzo De Luca, the program of the four days of the event was officially presented to the press.
An extraordinarily rich program of events, content and previews for the eagerly awaited relaunch of the event, after the pandemic break and the start not yet at full power last year.
This year the Comicon will again extend over all the available space of the Mostra d’Oltremare, complete with dedicated pavilions, open-air areas dedicated to concerts and events, and a very dense and varied calendar, built to give maximum prominence to contents and special events and to meet the tastes of every enthusiast.

Comicon 2023 poster

Over 350 scheduled events, with more than 300 guests from three continents. All the exhibition halls and all the uncovered areas of the Mostra d’Oltremare will be used by Comicon, in addition to the 850-seat Mediterranean Theater and the Flegrea Arena with its approximately 6,000 seats.
From the words of Claudius Curciopresident of Comicon, and the Artistic Director Matthew Stefanelli all the satisfaction shines through for having managed to bring the event back to the highest levels: more than 120,000 admissions are expected, with a probable sold out of tickets already in the next few hours.
Furthermore, the project that sees the Comicon leaving the confines of the Mostra d’Oltremare and expanding to the whole city, and beyond, is being relaunched in a big way.

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There will be sixteen exhibition itineraries that can be visited at the Mostra d’Oltremare and in numerous other locations distributed throughout the Neapolitan territory thanks to the exhibition COMIC(ON) OFFwhich will continue until June 30.
A path of exponential growth that will culminate with the inauguration of a new Comicon, this time in Bergamo.
Double event and double poster, therefore: both poster illustrations have been entrusted to the art of the extraordinary Mirka Andolfoillustrator and designer who, from Campania, has now become one of the most appreciated professionals on the international scene.

Entertainment, culture and beyond!

A close-up of Zerocalcare at Lucca Comics & Games 2014

A close-up of Zerocalcare at Lucca Comics & Games 2014

“After two years of lockdown, which tore the youthful social fabric and exacerbated disturbing and worrying phenomena, an event of such cultural and economic importance must be preserved and enriched”underlined President De Luca during his speech, “and it is a great satisfaction to be able to promote a moment of true socialization and enrichment for hundreds of thousands of young people”.
And in fact, the enormous effort on the part of the organization and all the partners to be able to offer the public an incredible number of guests, events, screenings, panels and previews is evident.
For the detailed list, we refer you to the Comicon institutional website, however, indicating some of the most interesting and prestigious appointments.
Let’s start with the “landlords”, the comics: Americans will arrive for comics made in the USA Brian Azzarello e Daniel Warren Johnsonrespectively screenwriter and illustrator among the most popular names in American comics of the decade, multiple candidates for the Eisner Awards, while unfortunately the editor in chief of the DC Comicshe big Jim Lee.
On the Italian front, four authors who are reference points for publishing: Sio, Dado, Fraffrog and Keison who will reveal a preview of the new magazine from the publishing house and creative studio of comics and animation GIGACIAO; Simone Bianchi, illustrator for DC Comics and then exclusively with Marvel. And then impossible not to mention Zero limestone, Milo Manara, GipiFumettibrutti, Barbara Canepa, Iginio Straffi, Lillo, Tanino Liberatore, Manuele Fior and many others.

Comicon 2023: announced the program, Fast X and 15 minutes of the anime The First Slam Dunk preview

Fast X Vin Diesel Jordana Brester

Fast X: Vin Diesel e Jordana Brewster in una scena

For the video game sectorin addition to the preview presentation of the highly anticipated video game dedicated to Grendizer and introduced by well-known content creator Cavernadiplatone, will be present as a special guest John Romerothe father of all firsts person shooteryes Doom a Quake. Lots of things to see for game enthusiasts: in addition to meetings with the most famous and loved youtubers and creators, from Kurolily to Dario Moccia, it will be possible to meet the writer Maurice de Giovanni which will present Murder Party Pocketthe new investigative-themed game featuring its most iconic character, Commissioner Ricciardi.
For the many manga and anime fans, an unmissable stop at theAsian Villagewith a program of the highest level, demonstrating how Comicon attracts great guests from the East, including sensei Miki Yoshikawa, author of the manga and anime A couple of cuckooswith two drawing sessions, and sensei Aki Irie, author of Clouds in the northwestwho will talk about her journey and her work as a mangaka through workshops and an entire exhibition dedicated to her.


Just the anime will be an integral part of the special screenings, with the special screening, world premiere of the first sequences of the feature film by Slam Dunk and the highly anticipated tenth installment of the Fast & Furious saga: Fast X. Great expectations also for the official launch of the series created by The Jackal: Small Fish – An agency. Lots of ideas. Little budget. And then again music for all tastes, from Cristina D’Avena a Mixed by Erryfrom Tony Tammaro to the Japanese singer Mika Kobayashi, interpreter of well-known theme songs from anime including Attack on Titane Tetsuro Shimaguchimartial artist and choreographer of the memorable sword scenes of Kill Bill. There will also be an entire section dedicated to role-playing, even live, exhibitions and awards…
And this is only a small part of what Comicon has to offer. The appointment is therefore for next April 28, at the Mostra d’Oltremare in Naples.

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