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Citadel, the cast in Rome: “We give life to complex and nuanced characters”

Citadel, the cast in Rome: "We give life to complex and nuanced characters"

Roman appointment for Citadel, the Amazon series in the catalog on Prime Video from April 28: Richard Madden, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Stanley Tucci, with the Russo brothers who produce, presented the first episodes to the press.

Citadel, the cast in Rome: "We bring complex and nuanced characters to life"

Two concepts accompany us and are confirmed as we attend the Roman press meeting with the Citadel castthe new Amazon series available in the catalog of Prime Video from April 28: complexity and ambition. Two concepts that emerge from the story of the interpreters who came to Rome to present the new project of the Amazon platform, i.e. the three protagonists Richard Madden, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Stanely Tucci, accompanied by producers Joe and Anthony Russo, i.e. the directors in charge of blockbusters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe such as Infinity War ed Endgamee lo showrunner David Weil.

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Citadel: a scene

Complex because such is the work on the characters, both in terms of acting test, which led the two main interpreters to have to play with different nuances, both in terms of writing, for the plot and the dynamics to spy story which form the backbone of the show. Ambition because it is only the first step of a franchise with an original and new approach, which will develop through interconnected stories all over the globe.

A global series

“It’s important to subvert expectations”he explained right away Joe Russo: “I think this series does an amazing job of doing that, like an onion slowly flipping through level after level, taking the viewer off guard with its sudden turns.” And that, he stresses, is what he liked about this work, putting it together “a community of storytellers in Italy, India and other countries, all working together to tell a story” and carry on “an attempt never made before”.

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Citadel: a scene

On the other hand, it is precisely the premise of the project, the one presented to the Russos by the Amazon Studios top management once contacted. “They told us ‘we have this idea'”has explained Anthony Russo, “that is to say that of creating a show that had an English-based component, but that was declined in a local way in different parts of the world” taking advantage of the excellent relationship that Amazon has set up with valuable artists in many countries. “Telling history should be an experience that unites worlds” added Anthony Russo again “it makes you feel good because it makes the world seem less divided by strife.”

Citadel, the Russo brothers on the Amazon series: “Nothing like this has ever been done on TV”

A spy story that goes beyond the genre

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Citadel: Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra in one scene

It is a spy story, but also something new. “The genre is new” explained the Russo brothers, “because this project is a reinvention of the spy story idea.” And the showrunner echoed them David Weil who spoke of Citadel as of “a love letter to the genre, to Bond and Mission: Impossible, whose heart, however, are the characters”. Characters, in the plural, a detail that the author was keen to underline: “Usually we follow only one protagonist in the world of spies and this person can feel untouchable. Here the focus is on multiple characters and their development and relationship is the backbone of the story.” And it also ensures a buildup of tension, making their evolution and fate more unpredictable.

The characters, between duality and surprises

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Citadel: a scene

And the three protagonists have made no secret of the joy that this work has represented, for “the complexity of the script and the characters”as indicated by Stanley Tucci, who accepted as a big Russo fan. “The ambition of the series got me excited” he said instead Priyanka Chopra Jonaswho added an important detail from her point of view as an actress: “The spy universe is often dominated by men and it was nice to have a space in this world with such a well written and fleshed out female character.”

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Citadel: a scene

The espionage one is a cue that also intrigued Richard Madden which gives life to Mason, who has found “exciting the prospect that someone next to you, someone you pass on the street or who lives next door, could be a spy”. However, there is a difficulty that especially involved him and Priyanka Chopra Jonas: the duality, staging characters who had two parts to stage, “and make clear that these were two sides of the same coin.”

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Citadel: a scene

In fact, it is not so much the action that convinced Priyanka Chopra Jonas to accept the role of Nadia Sihn, but the great show set up and “being at the helm with such a complex and dual character. We talked with David for five hours about my character and all the developments in the script”. The two are joined by Bernand di Stanley Tucciwho spoke about it like this: “Usually in spy stories, there is one man who is the contact, another who is the tech expert, and yet another who supervises the protagonists. Citadel turns the tables because you never know who it is. Bernard or because he does certain things, he’s all those classic characters in the genre.”