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A romantic comedy that is a cry for freedom: Luca Lucini and the cast present Me and my brother, starting today on Prime Video

A romantic comedy that is a cry for freedom: Luca Lucini and the cast present Me and my brother, starting today on Prime Video

Available from today, April 21, exclusively on Prime Video, My brother and I, a sentimental comedy about the right not to choose, the ability to relate to nature and generation Y. Directed by Luca Lucini, who presented to the press together with the cast.

We left Luke Lucini e Christian Caccamo in a room of the Hotel della Nazioni in Bari, a historic hotel overlooking the Lungomare, and we find them again, not even a month later, in The Space Moderno cinema in Rome. The occasion is the presentation to the press of My brother and I, a romantic comedy that today, April 21, it debuts exclusively on Prime Video. In Puglia, however, the director and the actor had accompanied My paper girls, which was filmed later and which we hope to see soon. But it is of I and my brother that we want to talk about today. As the title suggests, at the center of the story are two siblings, or rather a brother and sister who live far apart and don’t get along at all. He, Mauro, remained in Calabria with his mother, after his father’s death, to run the family farm. Instead she, who is called Sofiashe moved to Milan, where she goes from one precarious job to another. Sofia decides to go home when he discovers that the only girl he has truly loved, Michela, is about to marry his own brother. Once she arrives at her destination, she realizes that there is much more at stake than a beautiful girl to win back.

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With Luke Lucini it’s at Christian Caccamothere are the other stars of the film meeting with journalists, starting with the female protagonist Denise Tantucci (Sofia). They are not missing Greta Ferro (Michela), Teresa Mannino (zia Key) e Claudius Colicawhich plays the part of Alessandroroommate and friend of Sofia. Lucini immediately explains the origin of the project: “The subject, written by Marta e Ilaria Storti, struck me immediately because it contained a love story, with people who love each other, people who have loved each other, all regardless of gender, and therefore in the full style of a contemporary love story. I was also interested in talking about the thirty-year-old generation, which in some ways is the first to have had a completely different socialization from ours, and this meant that they had many possibilities. Once it was easier to distinguish what was right from what was wrong, while now there are many things right and many things wrong both in love and in the workplace. My Brother and I is above all a romantic comedy, which however also offers an interesting look at contemporary society”.

Every actor of I and my brother loved the script and the characters in the film, starting with Greta Ferrowho also shares the experience of the TV series with the director Made in Italy: “Luca and I have always had a great relationship on set. This time she told me: ‘Greta, I would like to offer you a role that I think you can understand very easily’. She was right: Michela she’s a girl I really admire because she manages to make choices that go against the expectations of both her family and society. Of course, these are complex choices, especially for such a young person. In this the character is very topical, because we young people constantly feel the pressure of having to ‘perform’. Michela instead she chooses to be true to herself and to cultivate simplicity. I worked a lot on his need to ‘break free’, because the film is basically a story of liberation.”

Denise Tantuccias opposed to Greta Ferrodid not know Luke Lucini. She auditioned and was chosen, and from there a beautiful journey began for her in the company of a character who appears solid but is actually full of fragility: “I liked the story a lot right away, because it deals with the theme of ‘leave home. I left home to move to Rome, after which I left Rome to move to Milan. Furthermore, the screenplay had the strength and the assistance to give a lot of time to my Sofiamany scenes of daily life in which to learn about the strength of the character in her continuing not to choose and in having the courage to return to her family, which is the place where she feels judged and has unfinished business”.

I and my brother marks the debut in front of the camera Claudius Colicaone of the members of the duo The colics. The actor didn’t arrive on the set lightly, as he recounts with amusement: “When I was called, I was terrified, because there were people with me who had been acting for years. And yet I had a great time, they were all so nice to make me enter a universe that is ultimately a madhouse”.

One of the funniest and most successful characters of My Brother and Me is the aunt of Sofia e Maurowhich despite the old-fashioned name, Key, is a woman who, at the age of fifty, realized her own sensuality and entered the magical world of dating apps. She plays it Teresa Mannino: “It was easy for me to accept the role of Key” – he declares – “because Luke Lucini he was the first who told me that I could be an actress even though I’m not an actress but a comedian. Key she’s hilarious, because she’s a woman free from patterns who knows how to be light without being superficial. She’s colorful, vibrant, and she’s an aunt that many of us may have known. She is someone who cares about the judgment of others and follows her own desires. I think she looks a little like me.”

Compared to the character he plays ne My paper girlsil Mauro Of Christian Caccamo he has more scenes and more jokes, and he is a thwarted boy, in difficulty and who feels the weight of the responsibility that his father, dying, left him. After having also complimented him on Luke Lucinithe actor says: “We shot in Calabria, and I’m from Calabria, so I was happy to make a film that had a bit of dialect”.

Also Lucini fell in love with Calabria and the country where I and my brother was filmed, which is called Altomonte and is in the province of Cosenza. “Right from the start we considered Altomonte a real co-star in the film, because this was a story that thrived on contrasts, for example the contrast between the birthplace of Sofia e Milano, which is the city where I live too. This reappropriation of a completely different, human and very powerful dimension was a fundamental part of the story. We wanted to tell a Calabria that I too was discovering with my own eyes and which is very different from how cinema usually shows it, because it is often the scene of criminal events, violence and drama. The setting allowed me to transform into a film a narrative that evolved into a kind of ethical entrepreneurship, which is certainly current and automatic for the new generations. I am convinced that the ability to relate to nature in a certain way will increasingly be part of our lives”.

If agriculture and life outside the city will increasingly characterize our future, which we would like to become truly green, it is necessary to join forces. He also says so Teresa Mannino at the end of the press conference, and we like to think that this is the most important message of my brother and I: “Community can save us, not individualism. Let’s try to realize that we have to do things together, a bit like ants The individual must be set aside, because it is the community that moves the world”.

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