What happens between Rocco Schiavone and Caterina?

Rocco Schiavone and Caterina

What happens between Rocco Schiavone e Caterina In the fifth season finale? It concludes Wednesday 20 April 2023 premiered on Rai 2 the fifth chapter of the Rai fiction based on the novels and short stories by Antonio Manzini published in Italy by Sellerio Editore.

Also this time Marco Giallini returns as the protagonist of the series playing the role of the curmudgeon Rocco Schiavonecynical and rude literary character with a sad past behind him: the death of his wife Marina.

Just the fifth season promises to shed light on this sad story, bringing out some truly unexpected and disconcerting truths. During the final episode, entitled Old Acquaintances“, Rocco finds himself increasingly alone and without certainties. But the real big disappointment comes when the policewoman Catherine Rispoli (Claudia Vismara) urgently contacts him to communicate some unexpected revelations that have emerged from the dossier recovered by Baiocchi.

Caterina Rispoli in Rocco Schiavone

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(SPOILER WARNING: do not continue reading the article if you don’t want to run into big spoilers on Rocco Schiavone 5)

Claudia Vismara in a scene from
Claudia Vismara in a scene from “Rocco Schiavone” Credits: Rai

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Caterina she is the only woman in Schiavone’s team, very shy and reserved. As a young girl she was abused and harassed by her father. Over the course of the seasons she has a relationship with her colleague Pierron but she also begins an affair with Schiavone, which ends as soon as Rocco discovers that Caterina has the task of secretly informing the Rome police headquarters about her work.

In the finale of the fifth season, however, Rocco decides to trust her once again, having the truth contained in those documents verbally told. Rocco thus discovers that in 2007 Richard Mastrodomenico he was in charge of some cocaine trafficking linked to the criminal organization Rocco was investigating.

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This was led by Baiocchi himself, but there was also another person among the members of the gang: Sebastian Cecchetti (Francesco Aquaroli), his best friend.

Upset and angry, Rocco orders Caterina to leave, and then approaches her by going to bed with her. After that evening he and Caterina will probably never see each other again. But only the episodes of the awaited sixth season will be able to tell us this.

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