Men and Women, Marialaura De Vitis breaks the silence on the throne of Luca Daffré and then throws a dig at Drusilla Gucci

Marialaura De Vitis: “Luca to Men and Women? He doesn’t seem taken by any of the suitors”.

Luca Daffrè is continuing its journey a Men and women. To comment on throne of the model thought about it Marialaura De Vitis who, responding to some curiosities of his fans, took the opportunity to launch one shot at Drusilla Gucci.

Marialaura De Vitis: the words about Luca Daffrè and Drusilla Gucci

Marialaura De Vitis she went back to talking about Luca Daffrè. The two young people shared the experience a The Island of the Famouswhere a beautiful harmony was born that did not lead to a flirtation by the will of the new tronista of Men and Women. About his journey in the Maria De Filippi dating showthe former Pupa said:

Premising that I only saw the first few episodes because then I was on vacation: for now he doesn’t seem taken by any of the girls with whom he did exteriors… Let’s say that, in my opinion, he lacks a girl who likes him both physically and temperamentally in his completeness. I think that until now the girls who have come down for him he saw as a bit incomplete…And among other things I think he’s a bit difficult to taste hahah. Anyway I hope he can find the girl he is looking for and I wish him to find love!

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Marialaura also took the opportunity to clarify its position vis-à-vis Drusilla Gucciwho had it accused of having been in part the cause of her breakup with Francesco Chiofalo:

But guys, honestly I understand her… I’d be jealous of myself too hahah, come on I’m still a Babe. All kidding aside, I’m sorry you’re having a bad time. It was enough for her to ask me to give her explanations and I would have given them to her. Instead, she preferred to avoid me completely. Maybe she’s afraid she won’t hold a candle to it? Having said that, Francesco and I will continue to see each other as much as we like as we always have. He went to Florence to meet Drusilla, to then find himself faced with a denied confrontation… I find it really absurd that Drusilla didn’t appreciate the gesture and made him leave like this. Really inelegant and disrespectful for a Gucci. At this point I’m starting to think she doesn’t love him anymore but she doesn’t have the balls to tell him to his face. That’s why she’s afraid of confrontation and tries to cover it up by bringing me into the middle.

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