Makoto Shinkai Night: at the cinema on May 23 and 24, also in the original language

Two days of marathon dedicated to the works of Makoto Shinkai: May 23 in the original language (with Italian subtitles) and May 24 dubbed.

Makoto Shinkai Night: at the cinema on May 23 and 24, also in the original language

He is considered by many to be Hayao Miyazaki’s only and true heir. And this year he celebrates his 50th birthday. To pay homage Makoto Shinkai and his art, Nexo Digital and Dynit, returning from the public success of Akira’s 35th anniversary, organize two marathon-evenings with the screening of two masterpieces by Maestro Shinkai: Your Name. e The Garden of Words. The appointment is set for May 23rd (screenings in the original language with Italian subtitles) and May 24th (screenings in the Italian dubbed version), when the Season of Anime at the Cinema will bring the two beloved Shinkai titles to theaters ( cinema list soon on

As the most attentive fans know well, the link between the two titles is subtle but clear: in Your Name. a restaurant called Il Giardino delle Parole appears and the female protagonist attends the school where she teaches the protagonist of The Garden of Words.

Suzume: Makoto Shinkai’s anime premiered in Bologna on April 26 with the Future Film Festival

The Garden of Words - a beautiful sequence from the animated film

The Garden of Words – a beautiful sequence from the animated film

The two films, moreover, also question the same theme: that of human relationships and their complexity. The Garden of Words tells the story of Takao, a young student who dreams of becoming a shoe designer. One day Takao decides to skip school to go drawing in a delightful and secluded public garden. He doesn’t imagine that this decision will completely change his life thanks to the meeting with the mysterious Yukino. Older than him but certainly not wiser, Yukino seems adrift in a world in which she no longer recognizes herself. Despite the age difference, the relationship between the two develops slowly thanks to the continuous meetings in that same garden every rainy day. But the rainy season is coming to an end and so many things are left unfinished… Will Takao still have time to express his true feelings to the woman he loves? Your name. he instead he accompanies us in the life of Mitsuha and Taki. Mitsuha is a student who lives in a small rural town and wants to move to Tokyo, in the big metropolis where every dream can come true. Taki is a high school student who lives in Tokyo, has a part-time job in an Italian restaurant, but would like to work in the field of art or architecture. One night, Mitsuha dreams of being a young man, finds himself in a room she doesn’t know, has new friends and the Tokyo skyline opens before her gaze. At the same time, Taki dreams of being a little girl living in a small mountain town that she has never visited. But what will be the secret behind these strange crossed dreams?

The novels of Il Giardino delle Parole are available in all bookstores, comic shops and online stores, as well as the manga and the novel of Your Name., in the J-POP Manga edition. Readers will find a discount coupon for the film in the publisher’s Direct

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