Gialappa’s Band is back on TV with a new program: «We’ve always wanted to comment on MasterChef»

If it’s a dream, don’t wake us up. Gialappa’s Band finally returns to television with a new program of its own, after the last period in which we have mainly seen the group of comedians only in another form, that of guests in other programs. He comes back and back to doing what he does best: commenting on TV shows to make us laugh like hell. Fantastic news for all Gialappa’s Band lovers, confirmed a few days ago by ANSA: their return will take place in May, on TV8 in simulcast with Sky Uno, in prime time. The program will be called Gialappashow and will also have Mago Forest as conductor and many other enlisted comedians within its cast. There is one bad news in all of this: the Gialappi there will be only two of them, given that Carlo Taranto does not want to return to television. Marco Santin and Giorgio Gherarducci will therefore be in command of the operations.

The new Gialappa’s Band program will comment on some great television programs such as MasterChef Italia (where we are sure they will comment on moments like these), X Factor, Beijing Express and other Sky programs and series, as well as the most important sporting events and web catchphrases.

The layout of the program will be the usual, in full Gialappa’s Band style, as confirmed by Marco Santin and Giorgio Gherarducci in a recent interview with Tv+Zoom of which we report a small excerpt:

Gherarducci: «Yes, Forest who leads and a bunch of idiots who revolve around him».
Santin: «In addition, there will be films: they will concern Sky programmes, from the entire platform… things we always wanted to comment on, like Masterchef. And not only”.

In short: Gialappa’s is ready to get back in the saddle and make us laugh like never before. With the classic format and many new programs to comment. We can’t wait: the appointment is for May, and the official debut day of this new adventure should also be communicated soon.

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