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Beijing Express 2023 Previews: Tonight on SkyUno the Seventh Episode of the journey to discover the Via delle Indie

Beijing Express 2023 Previews: Tonight on SkyUno the Seventh Episode of the journey to discover the Via delle Indie

This evening seventh appointment with Beijing Express – La Via Delle Indie. The five couples remaining in the race will face the seventh stage of the adventurous journey broadcast on Sky Uno but also the last km in Malaysian Borneo. Here are all of today’s previews.

This eveningThursday 20 April 2023, new appointment con Peking Express – The Way of the Indies. The seventh episode Of Beijing Express 2023 va broadcast on Sky One at ore 21.15 and it will be available streaming on the NOW platform. The five pairs of travelers left – after theelimination of Mother and Child – they will face the Seventh stage they last km In the Malaysian Borneo. Let’s find out together, in detail, what the challenges will be e the itinerary from the today’s episodewhich will start from the village of Awat Awat up to Kota Kinabalu, the final goal of the episode.

Tonight on Sky Uno the Seventh Stage of Beijing Express 2023: here is today’s itinerary and challenges

They will be 341 i km to go in this seventh stage Of Beijing Express 2023 and they will be as well the latter in Malaysian Borneo. This evening the five couples left in the race, they will start from Awat Awat village per get to Mari Maridove three pairs will face the increasingly feared and surprising Try Advantage. After tackling this challenge, will resume the journey to Kota Kinabalu, final goal of the episode. Who will win this new adventure and above all will it be an elimination stage or not? A decree itas always, will be the black envelope. Travelers know they have an important prize up for grabs: tickets for the last part of this great journey, which will take place in Cambodia.

Beijing Express 2023: The pairs left in the race

The sixth stage Of Beijing Express 2023 saw theelimination of Mother and Child. Martina Colombari and her son Achille were forced to return to Italy and now the pairs left in the race I am cinque:

Beijing Express 2023: the complete itinerary of the journey to discover the Via delle Indies

This year’s adventure will take us discovering the Via delle Indie. L’itinerary – Of about eight thousand kmwill wind its way through the metropolis of Mumbaithen passing through the Malaysian Borneo e finally arriving in Cambodiawhere there will be the final goallocated in the fabulous Angkor sceneryil most important archaeological site in the country and also among the most important and visited places in Asia. Wild places e full of spiritualitywhere the jungle hides the remains of ancient kingdoms and where modernity, represented by the first stop in Mumbai, will gradually become a distant memory.

Beijing Express 2023 – The Way Of The Indies va broadcast every Thursday in early evening are Sky Uno e in streaming solo su NOW.