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The Mandalorian 3×08 – The season finale review

The Mandalorian 3×08 – La recensione del finale di stagione

WARNING: This article contains spoilers The Mandalorian 3×08 and on the remaining episodes of the Disney Plus series

The third season of The Mandalorian reaches the end of its run with an adrenaline-pumping episode, spectacular at times, which completes some mechanisms that have been triggered throughout the season and which also leaves important windows open on the future. The previous episodes of the series with Pedro Pascal had outlined a scenario that materialized with the awaited return of the revived Moff Gideon and with the battle over Mandalore, a prelude which then developed precisely in The Mandalorian 3×08, with an all-out final showdown that was packed with adrenaline-pumping moments and delivered some truly sensational passes.

First of all, the clash between Moff Gideon and Din Djarin and the one between the imperials and the Mandalorians are holding the court. These two fights give us some spectacular images, such as the air battle between Gideon’s men and those of Bo-Katan, or the spectacular sequence with which Mando progressively eliminates all the guards placed to protect the control center. The tension remains very high throughout the episode, Gideon’s guards and little Grogu also join the fight, who gives new demonstrations of his strength, increasingly intense in moments of danger. In the end, as widely expected, the Mandalorians have the best of it, taking back their planet and defeating, this time hopefully outright, Moff Gideon. This triumph gives rise to a whole series of considerations that we will now address.

The Mandalorian 3x08
Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian (640×340)

The true meaning of The Mandalorian

Let’s start with one of the themes that have dominated the debate around this season from week to week. Here too we have repeatedly underlined how, during the third installment of the Disney Plus series, the protagonist Din Djarin has progressively left more and more space for Bo-Katan, who became the leader of the Mandalorians and placed more and more at the center of the story. A development that has given rise to a broad confrontation, with the public displaced by this choice and widely convinced that a handover between Din Djarin and Bo-Katan, as if the “The Mandalorian” of the title of the Disney Plus series began to refer to the princess and not to the character played by Pedro Pascal. Actually, The Mandalorian 3 × 08 sheds light on this aspect.

When Bo-Katan takes the field to fight Moff Gideon and Din Djarin rushes to the aid of Grogu, this much-talked-about handover seems to take place, but after defeating the guards Mando comes back to the aid of her friend, who pronounces the phrase that exemplifies the true meaning of The Mandalorian: “Mandalorians are stronger together”. That’s right, united, the two, with the help of Grogu, defeat Gideon, who was largely having the upper hand individually. This development proves that there has been, in this third season of the Disney Plus series, no handover and no new protagonist. There has simply been a focus on Mandalorians as a people and not as individuals and a strengthening of this concept. The beginning of the series photographed a different reality, a people scattered and divided after the purge of Mandalore, in which everyone thought about their own survival. This third season has instead worked on the reconstruction of the Mandalorian people, placing the reconquest of Mandalore as the central theme of the story. Consequently, there has been an important semantic passage, because the “The Mandalorian” of the title can no longer refer exclusively to Din Djarin and his adventures, but now looks at the entire Mandalorian lineage and it is no coincidence that the final victory comes precisely thanks to this unity of intent.

The Mandalorian 3×08 concludes this story arc, which has been central to this third season of the series with Pedro Pascal. After the hard fight that we saw in the episode, the Mandalorians have taken back their planet and can now return to live as a united and cohesive people. To address this issue, a collective discourse, which took away some space from Din Djarin, giving more to Bo-Katan and other Mandalorians, but this did not mean any clear change of perspective, but simply an evolution of the story, which reached its completion in The Mandalorian 3×08.

The Mandalorian 3×08 – Din Grogu

In The Mandalorian 3×08 another transition widely announced during the season of the Disney + series takes place: the rise of Grogu as Mandalorian apprentice. From the very first episodes we have seen how Din Djarin insisted on educating the little one according to the customs of his people, leaving him free in his relationship with force, but also introducing him to their customs. Right in the end of the episode, we have proof of this transition: Grogu comes adopted and Din Djarin, divernta From Grogu and he is, to all intents and purposes, a Mandalorian apprentice, as well as the son of the character played by Pedro Pascal and this can only excite us considering the beautiful relationship between them.

In many passages of this season Grogu, like his new father, ended up a bit in the shadows, but in the decisive moment, as widely predictable, he was the protagonist. The little one manages to make the most of his powers when he is in difficulty, especially when Din Djarin is, and once again it was decisive by creating a force field during the explosion and saving the lives of the three protagonists. Definitely for Grogu what we saw in The Mandalorian 3 × 08 is the best possible ending, a definitive fulfillment of his path, which opens up to a new extraordinary adventure like jedi-mandalorian hybrid.

A little for retaliation, Din Grogu represents more or less what Moff Gideon wanted to create with his clones, extraordinary warriors who could also use force. This is another extraordinary victory for the Mandalorians, who have not only defeated the enemy, but also made his dream come true, using it against him.

Grogu in The Mandalorian (640×340)

Between present and future

As with any season finale, it’s good to take a moment to wrap up what we’ve seen and make a point of what we may see in the future. The third season of The Mandalorian had a very broad scope, it introduced various issues, almost always managing to extricate itself from the woven plots in the best possible way, and it completed its main narrative line, namely that of Mandalore. This season has put a lot of emphasis on the Mandalorians and less on the Mandalorian, introducing a more collective dimension and shedding light on a very interesting and fundamental people in the larger narrative relating to the Star Wars universe. Ultimately, we can say that this third season of the Disney Plus series has confirmed the size Of The Mandalorian, capable of changing pace and direction, but never losing hers anima.

Not all issues, however, have come to the point and for this reason there is also reason to think about future, which to date seems uncertain, given that the renewal of the production with Pedro Pascal has not been announced, even if the writing work for a fourth season has already begun. Waiting for news, therefore, it is clear that The Mandalorian 3×08 leaves ample openings for new developments, even if at the same time it could also close without obvious chasms. The epilogue they meet Din Djarin e GroguMore is quite decisive: the two settle in a house in Nevarro, the Mandalorian will have the task of training his apprentice and together they will work for the New Republic as occasional collaborators (a more sweetened way to say mercenaries). A situation that can both end here and lead to new developments, given that the two will certainly experience other exciting adventures to tell and all of Grogu’s growth would also be shown.

Even the plot of the mandalorians he experiences the same situation, as by now the people have re-established themselves on Mandalore, thus their battle is over, but there may be room left to see how the restoration of society will evolve. The only plot that remains truly open is that of imperial threatnot so much in the figure of Moff Gideon, who should have been definitively defeated, even if never say never, but above all for what we have seen with Elijah Kane and the dottor Pershing. We heard nothing more about them, except that they favored the return and construction of Moff Gideon clones, but their scope was evidently wider than that. A hypothetical fourth season could start from here, from a new threat within the New Republic, represented precisely by Elia Kane, which Din Djarin, as a collaborator of the government force, could find himself facing.

Several open questions remain around this theme and interesting developments can be glimpsed for the future. For now, however, it’s time to say goodbye to Din Djarin and Grogu after another extraordinary season Confirming themselves at high levels wasn’t easy, the Disney + series did it and The Mandalorian 3×08 represents the worthy ending of a truly very important season, which excited, intrigued, entertained and gave sensational moments from week to week.