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Terra Amara Advances April 20, 2023: Cetin ends up behind bars!

Terra Amara Advances April 20, 2023: Cetin ends up behind bars!

The Advances of the Episode of Terra Amara broadcast on Thursday 20 April 2023 on Canale 5 reveal that Cetin shoots Rustem, and is arrested. Hatip, on the other hand, wins the election against Demir. Later, the latter is publicly accused by Sermin…

Thanks to advances from the Channel 5 Turkish soap opera, Bitter landwe find that, in the bet broadcast on April 20that 14.10, Go aheadduring the engagement ceremony of Gulten and Rustem, shoot the latter e ends up in prison. When the young goes to see the boy, declares his love and swears to wait for him. Meanwhile, pressed by Behice, Hatip decides to stand against the Yaman family, applying as the new president of the chamber of commerce. The Ruthless Entrepreneur wins against Demir. Three months later, at the 35th anniversary of the Adnan Yaman company, Sermin plies his cousin, claiming that he wants to erase the memory of his fatherSerafettin, co-founder of the aforementioned company.

Terra Amara Advances: Cetin ends up in prison…

As soon as Fadik told him that Gulten would soon become Rustem’s wife, Cetin hurried to catch up with her: His goal was to prevent her from making a similar mistake. The chauffeur crashes into the engagement partye shoot the betrothed. Inevitably, Cetin is arrested and ends up behind bars. Gaffur’s sisterin desperation, goes to see the young man in prison and, in addition to swearing eternal love, he also swears to him that she doesn’t care how long, will wait for it like a devoted lover.

Terra Amara Previews: Hatip triumphs in the elections!

What unites Behice, Sermin ed Orator and the immoderate contempt that they try against the Yamans. Each of them has his own reasons for hating the members of this powerful family; la zia di Mujganfor example, in love as she is with Fekeli, she is madly jealous of Hunkar. Therefore, Behice spurs the diabolical entrepreneur trying to deal Demir and his mother a severe blow by running for the new president of commerce. Hatip welcomes the advicee wins the election against Zuleyha’s husband.

Sermin attacks Demir in public, in the Advances of Terra Amara on April 20, 2023

Three months after Demir’s defeat in the general election, the latter is preparing to celebrate an important anniversary, the thirty-fifth of the Adnan Yaman company. Proudly, Demir celebrates the goal reached… but, like a bolt from the blue, the wicked cousin is about to arrive. Serminas usual ready to wreak havoc in an attempt to crush her hated relatives, makes a full-blown scene. The terrible blonde publicly accuses his cousin to be willing to do anything to erase the memory of his fatherSerafettin, the co-founder of the said company! And here the Yaman are once again at the center of a scandal.

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