Men and Women, Paola Ruocco on Gemma Galgani: “You are a hungry woman…” and the uproar breaks out (VIDEO)

In the episode of Men and Women, broadcast today on Canale 5, Paola Ruocco said another about Gemma Galgani, causing a real uproar in the studio. Let’s see together what happened.

The new installment of Men and women of today restarts from the classic throne of Nicole Santinelli for a few last banter with her suitors, then moving on to the throne over with Paola e Elio, with which you are getting acquainted. But there was also a moment of high tension in the studio when Paola he insulted Gemma Galgani.

Men and women, rags fly between Gemma and Paola

The classic throne of Nicole saw another exchange between the tronista and her suitors, because Nicole had decided to bring in external Carlo, but given that the latter, after the events of the last episode, did not ask for her, the tronista has changed her mind. The attention comes up again Andreawhich just doesn’t count it right to the commentators and has entered the speech again Roberta Di Padua who underlined that Carlo is a rare boy to find and has not failed to leave his usual dig at the tronista.

Space then to the throne over with Paola ed Elio, the knight with whom the lady is getting to know, but who, however, already has some hitches: the lady, in fact, reveals that she did not like some of the knight’s attitudes. The knight enters the studio and in his narration of the story he reveals that, given that he is intolerant to butter and ricotta, he found it insensitive on the part of the lady to take butter as a condiment, because he implied that there was no possibility of a kiss afterward. At these words he becomes altered Tina Cipollatiwho accuses the knight of saying nonsense.

Then the knight admits that he has a small yacht and that since Paola suffers from seasickness, that could be a problem. But to unleash the columnist’s fury is the admission that Elio pretended to forget his wallet at home, to see how the lady reacted, a gesture that qualifies him, for Tina, as one of the most obnoxious men ever to land on the show. Instead, Gianni Sperti agrees with the knight, as well as Armando Incarnate who accuses Paola that she went to get the man of Gemmagiven that the knight had previously gone out with the Turin lady.

But before it degenerates, Maria De Filippi he asks if they have anything else to say or can say goodbye and after a last exchange of venomous digs, the two say goodbye. However, the discussion still continues and when Maria asks to Gemma to sit in the study center because it is his sentimental situation that we must talk about, Paola does not hold back from having one of her own and that is that Elio he would like a woman who physically resembles her, but he would like her “hungry” like the Turin lady. At these words, Gemma she gets up and climbs onto the parterre to face her rival, with a heated discussion, in which they continue to accuse each other and talk about everything. The Turin lady demands an apology, but Paola he keeps repeating that he only told the truth. Gemma he then reproaches his rival with his night of passion with Alessandro Spositobut the comment heats up Paola and the two continue to argue, to the point that even Armando asks to Gemma not to go down to such a low level to confront the other lady and then tells the latter that she is ashamed and that for her attitude she should walk out of the program.

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