Beef – Shocking statements by actor David Choe: «…the thrill of going to prison»

Beef is a comedy-drama miniseries that debuted on the Netflix streaming platform on April 6, starring Steven Yeun e Ali Wong as two strangers who become enemies after a car accident. The television series was an instant hit with both critics and viewers, and currently has a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The star of the Netflix show came under fire for some of his comments in 2014

On Twitter last Thursday, the writer of the Center for Investigative Reporting, Aura Bodagoposted an excerpt from “Erection Quest,” an episode of the actor’s DVDASA podcast David Choewhich in the series Beef plays the character of Isaac; throughout the episode the star tells guests about an incident in which she received a massage from a therapist named Rose.
Going into graphic detail, the actor describes how he forced the therapist to give him oral sex, to which his co-host Asa Akira dice: “You raped her“. Choe he jokes that he is “a successful rapist“and to love”the thrill of going to jail“.

After that bogado posted the clip on Twitter, Choe he complained to the social network that it was copyright infringement and the site took down the video. In response, Bogado continued to talk about rape culture and publish evidence of the involvement of Choe in removing the podcast clip. Choe he had spoken of the episode as early as 2014, as he had also received some negative reactions at the time, and stated: “I am not a rapist. I hate rapists, I think rapists should be raped and killed“. He claimed the story was made up for comedic purposes.

Since the comments were made in 2014 and David Choe was called to answer for his words, the DVDASA episode had a great resonance in public opinion. fans of Beef have now decided to call out the streamer, the show’s casting directors and the lead stars, Steven Yeun e Ali Wong for hiring the colleague when his history of sexual assault was well known. Many Twitter users have stated that if the television series gets a second season, they will not watch it and that what was once a funny story is now something they will never interact with again.

While Choe made a lengthy statement when the podcast episode went live, his response was dismissive, and he didn’t take responsibility for his actions. Although neither Netflix nor the cast and crew of Beef have responded to this reaction, Wong has made his Twitter account private and fans are waiting for some kind of acknowledgment from the team. There’s no word on whether this backlash will impact an eventual second season of the show.

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