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Amici 22: Wax again in crisis for the gauntlet launched by Arisa, Angelina’s reaction

Amici 22: Wax again in crisis for the gauntlet launched by Arisa, Angelina's reaction

Wax blurts out to Amici: “Arisa is putting me in trouble, I don’t do the glove”.

In view of sixth episode of the Evening of Friendsthat will go broadcast on Saturday 22 April 2023 on Canale 5, Arise decided to launched a new gauntlet that will see Angelina Mango and Wax challenge each other. Glove that he had already proposed last week, and that he sent the singer is in crisis again.

Wax refuses Arisa’s gauntlet: the outburst to Amici

In today’s daytime of Amici 22, Wax received the famous red envelope from his coach Arise. In view of the new episode of Eveningthe singing teacher of the talent show by Maria De Filippi decided to re-propose the glove “song with dedication” between his pupil and Angelina Mango:

Dear Wax, I return to the charge because I respect you too much to think that you really want to close yourself off to the possibility of a task that you could easily do. This week I was able to see how good you are at expressing feelings and how capable you are of getting your love to others and making yourself loved. It’s an unedited version of you (…) Shall we try again to gauntlet ‘song with dedication’ with Angelina? It’s just another opportunity to show another part of yourself…

Arisa’s choice surprised Waxwho failed to hide his worry. Talking with Angelinathe young singer of the team led by Raimondo Todaro and Arisa said:

Arisa is giving me trouble, I don’t understand. It’s counterproductive… Writing me something like this also diminishes me… I’m not understanding I swear! It’s not spontaneous… I feel guilty if I don’t do it. This is compulsion, I don’t want to do it…

Trying to reason with Wax thought about itstudent of Lorella Cuccarini:

You’re right! You might change her mind again…at this point I’m not getting it. He does it to encourage you…ok, that’s fine but after you tell him, he knows you, you put yourself into things and do them, so if it really doesn’t come to you because you don’t like it and you don’t want to do it…You’re inca **ed with Arisa? You do not like it? Can you feel that bad about this?

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After you vented with Angelina, Wax he was confronted with Arise. If at first the singer promised her teacher to try to make a glove, then a little later Matteo went into crisis again and, annoyed, asked to call his teacher back for communicate your decision:

Ari, here we are! If the world were to fall, I don’t do this glove. Enough, I just wanted to tell you this! Truly Ari…the dedications I make, I feel them and they come spontaneous and instinctive to me. I can’t do this piece by Vasco, it doesn’t come to me. I’m really sorry. Mamma mia I already feel free.

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