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7 books that will soon become promising TV series

7 libri che diventeranno presto delle promettenti Serie Tv

After Electric girls e Daisy Jones & The Six, 2023 has certainly not finished giving us other TV series taken from the most popular books of recent years, both by the public and by critics. Starting with Silo, transposition of the first volume of the “Silo Trilogy”, arriving on Apple TV on May 5th up to The Fall of House Usher, a new project by Mike Flanagan for Netflix and adaptation of a tale of terror that does not need of presentations. In short, once again there will be something for all tastes: drama, romance, horror and all-female stories of revenge and second chances.

In this article, therefore, we have selected some of the most anticipated TV series by the end of the year, taken from international and even local best-selling books.

1) The last thing he said to me

TV series based on books
The last thing he said to me (640×360)

Jennifer Garner returns to the small screen for one of the most anticipated miniseries of 2023. It’s about the television adaptation of The last thing he said to me, a work by Laura Dave that spent 48 weeks on the New York Times best seller list in 2021. The story revolves around Hannah, a woman in search of her missing husband who receives, precisely from him, a strange letter in which he was written “Protect her”. Shortly thereafter, Bailey arrives in Hannah’s life, the sixteen-year-old daughter of her husband Owen whose existence the woman did not know. Hannah soon realizes that her husband is not at all the person she always believed she was, but rather a stranger full of secrets and Haylei could prove to be the key to unlocking them all.

In the cast, alongside Garner, we find Angourie Rice, in the role of her stepdaughter, Bailey, and Nicolaj Coster-Waldeu, in those of her missing husband, Owen. The TV series, produced by Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine, will arrive this month on Apple TV.

2) Chemistry lessons

TV series based on books
Chemistry lesson (1024×538)

Also in this case it is an adaptation distributed by Apple TV +, which seems to have really taken a liking to the TV series based on books.

California 1952, Chemistry lessons by Bonnie Garmus tells the story of Elizabeth Zott, a witty, witty, and terribly charismatic female chemist as she navigates an academia ruled only by men. Elizabeth’s ambitions are shattered when she becomes pregnant and, due to the morals of the time, she is therefore forced to assume the sole role of her mother. But the passion for chemistry certainly doesn’t stop and that’s how our protagonist finds a new way to express herself and her passion.

Brie Larson is TV’s Elizabeth, joined by Lewis Pullman and Aja Naomi King. A story of revenge, of defeats but also of the great ability to reinvent yourself and be able to draw something positive even from the darkest moments.

3) The Fall of House Usher

The Fall of House Usher (1024×791)

The Fall of House Usher is one of Edgar Allan Poe’s best-known and darkest tales, a story that combines terror, love and disease by weaving an intricate web from which it is difficult to wriggle out. The narrator of the story receives a letter from an old childhood friend and decides to visit him. In the Usher house, the anonymous protagonist introduces us to Roderick Usher and his sister Madeline, both suffering from a strange and inexplicable disease which is slowly draining their lives. The sudden death of Madeline and the strange behavior of her brother seem to supernaturally affect even the Subject, the victim of disturbances and visions.

Think what will come out when Mike Flanagan – creator of other famous Netflix shows like The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manor e Midnight Mass – will finally give us his personal vision of this timeless tale. Sadly the tv series still doesn’t have an official release date, though scheduled for this year on Netflix and consisting of eight episodes.

4) The lions of Sicily

TV series based on books
The Lions of Sicily (1024×576)

Certainly a local editorial case could not be missing from this list, namely that The Lions of Sicily published by Editrice Nord and written by the Sicilian Stefania Auci. The book – first chapter of the duology also composed by The Winter of the Lions – revolves around vicissitudes of the Florio family from Palermo, retracing their events from 1799 to the Unification of Italy. Paolo and Ignazio Florio leave Calabri for Sicily to open a spice shop and thus start a new life. Business starts to go well and the family becomes one of the well-known and prestigious in Palermo, starting commercial relations with the rest of Europe.

Disney + has bought the rights to a TV series, which filming has just finished, directed by Paolo Genovese and which boasts in the cast actors of the caliber of Miriam Leone, Vinicio Marchioni, Eduardo Scarpetta, Paolo Briguglia, Michele Riondino, and Donatella Finocchiaro.

Definitely one of the TV series based on books that we await with more participation and pride in this 2023.

5) American Born Chinese

American Born Chinese (1024×512)

This time we talk about the adaptation from a graphic novel and, specifically, that of American Born Chinese, published in Italy by Tunuéè. The TV series, arriving on Disney Plus, brings together all or almost the cast of Everything Everywhere All At Once, fresh from its Oscar victory. Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan and Stephanie Hsu in fact support the very young Ben Wang who plays the role of the protagonist Jin Wang. Jin would just like to live the normal and monotonous life of any American high school student but the meeting with the new foreign student sets in motion a series of strange events which also involve mythological deities.

Michelle Yeoh, for example, plays Guanyin, the goddess of mercy and compassion, while Daniel Wu plays Sun Wukong, a mythological figure from Chinese folklore. In short, American Born Chinese promises to be a colorful, fantastic and intriguing journey into a world to be discovered and loved.

6) Silo

TV series based on books
Silo (1024×585)

The first volume of the “Silo Trilogy” will arrive very soon on the small screen thanks to Apple TV. Silotransposition of the first book of the best-selling saga written by Hugh Howey which tells of a community living within a post-apocalyptic underground city. Created to escape the toxicity of the outside world (a bit like The 100) within this society there are very strict and precise rules. The first and most important of these is that one must never ask questions about the origin of the silo itself, but blindly rely on the belief that it is the only way to survive.

The story begins Juliette, the city’s engineer, begins to ask questions after losing a loved one and thus begins to dig to find the answers. But the mysteries hidden within the community are much darker than you can imagine and Juliette’s journey will take her into the metaphorical and non-figurative depths of the underground place. Captained by Rebecca Ferguson, the cast also includes Common, Harriet Walter, Avi Nash, David Oyelowo, Rashida Jones and Academy Award winner Tim Robbins.

7) All the Light We Cannot See

All the light we cannot see (640×397)

In 2014, a beautiful book was published, destined to climb the charts and captivate millions of readers around the world. The book was All the Light We Cannot See and author Anthony Doerr. Now that same bestselling novel is finally being adapted into a TV series starring Mark Ruffalo, Hugh Laurie (who with his Dr. House taught us some of the best quotes to show us smart with friends) and newcomer Aria Maria Loberti. Set in occupied France during WWII, the story centers on a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths cross as they try to survive the war.

An engaging, dramatic and unforgettable story that earned Doerr the Pulitzer Prize. the miniseries of All the Light We Cannot See will be directed by Shawn Levy and written by Steven Knight for the Netflix platform. The release is scheduled for the autumn.